Indostancesep2 09

Indostance Meet Up September 2012 // Part 2

Based on the number of visits to our previous Indostance article, it is safe to say that quite a lot of people are interested in knowing more about the Indonesian stance scene. The article was visited not only by a lot of local visitors, but also international ones. After all, that’s what hawk’n’poke is for, right? To show off the Indonesian modification scene for the whole world to see. Here we have some more pictures from the meet, taken by Eric Tanzil.

Retro looking wheels are especially popular among the stance lovers.

A closer look at the Odyssey we posted on Part 1. Is that fender touching the wheels?

These XXR Wheels are also becoming popular among the Japanese enthusiasts.

Familiar with these two? Both of them have been featured on our site before. Juke: link → W203: link →

I truly love that Mini. The combination of the HRE Vintage wheels and the silver body is simply stunning.

A well maintained and properly lowered 3 coupe on BBS.

The neck breaking Z3.

Additional Infos

About Photographer – Eric Tanzil: “Feel free to contact me ertanzil[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some shoot from me. Thank you.”