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Dual Tone // F10 5 Series on BC Forged

I tell you, writing articles almost every single day and picking an interesting aspect of a car to talk about have never been easy. Reading the articles are definitely easy. Writing? Not so much. That’s why, while I was looking for an inspiration around this stunning BMW F10, I was struck by an idea. Perhaps I can actually make my articles more ‘edutaining’? Educational/entertaining at the same time? Looking at the diverse modification styles in Indonesia, which still have a lot of holes in it, I think it would be a good idea. Using this F10 as an example, I’d like share what I’ve found in regard to dual-toning a car with vinyl wraps.

I’ll be frank; before starting my ‘research’ on black vinyl roof wraps, my initial impressions about them aren’t very positive. Put it simply, I thought it was a cheapskate way for those on a budget to have a panoramic-looking roof. I’ve never liked a trend which tried to mimic/replicate original parts, so that’s where my bad impressions started. No hard feelings if you’re offended, please keep on reading, I’ll explain my point.

What I have in mind about the mimic/replication of original parts is almost equivalent to my impressions towards those wearing fake branded goods. Yes, they might look good and you might argue that they’re of highest quality rep, but I tell you, you should never be proud of wearing one. So, is the whole black roof wrapping trend the same case? I’m afraid not.

Combining the power of Google and the intellectuality of discussion forums, I was very much surprised by this black vinyl roof trend. These things aren’t done by those on a budget to replicate a panoramic roof. In fact, quite a lot of people with high value cars are doing it! They did it because the dual-tone scheme created a much sleeker, neater look for the car, especially for a white car. It created a contrast, and a contrast would most often look very good on a car. In regard to this BMW F10, the 3D Design front lip completed the look even better. The black and white body color theme looked perfect!

Apart from the body modifications, the owner of this F10 has also installed a set of BC Forged wheels, along with Eibach lowering springs. Now, I ask you, would you consider BC Forged as a replica? I have a huge despise towards replicas, but I still respect brands whose designs are ‘inspired’ by others and still insist on putting their own brand on their products. Further, they also invest in building their brand to differentiate it from others. Such a brand is BC Forged. It’s a Taiwanese company that has found a large market segment by offering good quality forged concave wheels at attractive prices. Sure their finishing might not be as good as ADV.1’s, but they have managed to satisfy quite a lot of customers at their price point.

Modification Specs

M Tech bodykit
3D Design front lip
Eisenmann exhaust
Black wrapped roof

BC Forged HB 04 20″x9-10
Eibach springs

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426