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Indostance Meet Up September 2012 // Part 1

Last Sunday (30 September 2012) the Indostance crew did another meet up at Parkir Timur Senayan and central Al-Azhar. Around 50 cars showed up to this casual gathering, a larger number compared to the previous July meet up. BMW, Mercedes, and plenty of Japanese rides showed up, with a lot of stretched tires and minimal/non-existent fender gaps.

This Odyssey might be borderline Elegant/VIP, but as long as you have a low ride, I guess you’ll be welcomed here.

Cambered and stretched out Z3. Not quite a usual sight.

Orange steelies they might be, but the fitment is as good as a tailored suit.

This is what I meant earlier regarding non-existent fender gaps. I guess gaps are taboo here.

This Mini was still being worked on when it attended the event. As of today, it has been fitted with a set of coilovers, sitting much closer to the ground. The set of HRE Vintage wheels is very rare and might be the only one for Mini in Southeast Asia.

An SUV at a stance meet? Check.

Japanese makes are still one of the most popular platform for stance lovers in Indonesia…

…followed by older generation BMW and Mercedes. We are still working on some more pictures. Will post the second part of the coverage soon.

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