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Clsblackb 05

Dark Harmony // Black Bison CLS on BC Forged

Harmony // The combination of simultaneously occurring elements that results in a very pleasing effect Black CLS with Black Bison Wald body kit on black BC concaves. I bet this car draws attention like a manic black hole in space. While one might not see the details at first sight, a second look would have exposed the aggressiveness of the …

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R32weds 11

Taintless Legend // R32 GT-R on Weds

The Nissan Skyline GT-R has always been one of the several production cars that were built under a heavy racing influence. Most often than not, this is due to the ‘homologation’ rules that exist in most racing series. That is, a manufacturer can only join the racing series if they use a car that is based on a production model. …

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Livinazepter 01

Stance Off // Livina on Zepter

There hasn’t been so many Livina going for the stanced look. That’s why the one we are showing off today is quite unique. This particular ride is owned by Richard and it sports a set of Riverside Zepter wheels supported by a custom suspension setup. Those stretched tires combined with the rear chamber have created one fat looking rear. Photography …

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Evoque24 032

Show Off // Evoque on 24″ DPE

The Evoque has been the latest Jakarta trendsetter for compact SUV segment lately; found plenty of them roaming the streets of upscale housing complexes. Sharp bodylines, aggressive lights, amusing DRLs, they all add up to a very stylish and concept-car-looking SUV. Price-wise, it is definitely one of the most affordable Range Rover one can buy. Following this popularity, quite a …

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A4adv 03

Show Off // A4 on ADV.1

There has always been plenty of options in choosing aftermarket wheels for a car. Similar styles can carry large differences in their price tags, depending on the manufacturer of the wheels. Some owners might opt for the best value-to-quality ratio while others stick to the true and most trusted brands. I’ll say both of those options are okay, as long …

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Slkrays 01

Stance Off // SLK on Rays

We’ve had quite a bunch of SLKs featured on our site, but none of them has ever been so closely related to the stance scene like this one. Most of the other SLKs we featured are tuner cars. This SLK, however, is sitting on a set of uniquely finished Rays Sebring with plenty of stretch on those tires. All these …

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Indostance2012 08

Indostance Meet Up // July 2012

A few months ago I was caught in a traffic jam caused by a Ferrari which has gotten stuck on a speed bump. Couple of days ago I saw a lowered R8 struggling to find the right angle to go over a speed bump. Almost every other day I bumped my stock-height GTI on various speed bumps; unthinkable of going …

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Cls63dpe 01

Show Off // CLS63 AMG on DPE

The CLS63 AMG features a 5.5L V8 bi-turbo engine that produces 518HP. It goes from 0-100 in 4.4 seconds. Those are a couple of remarkable figure for a four-door coupe. However, it only came with ‘small’ 19″ wheels as standard, and the owner of this particular car wasn’t so content with it. He opted for a set of 21″ DPE …

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Hinbali2012 02

Hot Import Nights Bali 2012

Most of you might have been wondering what the car modification is like for a very cultural island like Bali.

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Waldwira 01

Wald W202 Update // Air Suspension

You’ve seen Wira’s W202 C Class featured on our site a couple of months ago. Currently he has installed a set of air suspension and the ride is looking cooler than ever.

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June Wallpaper // Red SLK on BC Forged

June Wallpaper: The Red SLK on BC Forged Wheels by Eric Tanzil.

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Slkdpe 061

Top Down Gorgeous // Black on Black SLK on DPE

Another SLK R171 arriving on our site. This time it’s from Permaisuri for the Permaisuri Thursdays article. Unlike our usual routine of submitting Stance/Show Off articles for Permaisuri, this time we are doing a fully featured post with plenty of pictures; because apart from the DPE wheels, the owner has also installed several more AMG parts. Matte black DPE MT20 …

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Swiftalpina 01

Japanese Classy // Swift on Alpina

Another past victim of the JDM era is the Swift you’re looking at today. Daniel, the owner, used to pursue the JDM looks, and his passion for JDM stayed that way for the first 6 months of owning the car. Then came the offers made by several of his friends to change the look of his ride by installing this …

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Edwinroc 03

Powerful Little Hatchback // Scirocco R on BC Forged

Volkswagen’s performance lineup, the GTI and the R, has often been regarded as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mind you, these cars look almost identical to their less powerful cousins; yet when it comes to the engine bay, they are equipped with powerful 2.0L turbo engines that could chew out more than 300HP even when lightly tuned. Coupled with the hatchback …

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Miniozracingwave 01

Show Off // Mini on O.Z. Wave

Every Thursday, we dedicate our post to Permaisuri. Today they’re submitting this Mini sitting on O.Z. Wave, one of the brand’s most unique model.

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E36cabrio 04

Stance Off // E36 Cabrio on OZ

This E36 cabrio is owned by the same person whose E30 was posted several days ago. Apparently he’s a real BMW enthusiast with a lot of love for stance cultures. He has been owning this E36 only for a month and was lucky enough to have this E36 pretty much the way he wanted it when he bought it. Within …

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Hinsby2 01

Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012 // Part 2

We’re back with more pictures from Hot Import Nights Surabaya 2012.

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Camryboost 01

Doing It Right // Camry on BC Forged

Not content with the cancelled post, today he returns with a different set of pictures showcasing some different parts on his car.

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Egci4th 01

Estilo Genio Community Gathering // Tangerang

The gathering was held to celebrate the community’s fourth anniversary.

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E30volk 02

Stance Off // E30 on Volk

“Do it right or don’t do it at all,” people say.

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