E36cabrio 04

Stance Off // E36 Cabrio on OZ

This E36 cabrio is owned by the same person whose E30 was posted several days ago. Apparently he’s a real BMW enthusiast with a lot of love for stance cultures. He has been owning this E36 only for a month and was lucky enough to have this E36 pretty much the way he wanted it when he bought it. Within his one month of ownership, he has simply changed the wheels and fixed some minor tidbits of this well-aged BMW.

Modification Specs

OZ Breyton 17″x8.5-9/5 et 15-24
Achilles ATR Sport 205/40
Custom springs, shockbreaker and camber

M-Tech full bodykit

Additional Infos
About Photographer – Eric Tanzil: “Feel free to contact me ertanzil[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some shoot from me. Thank you.”