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Breath Stopper // Hendranata’s GTI MKV on BBS

Yes, Hendranata’s back on our spotlight with some pretty breath taking mod updates! Before getting to know this most recent fitment-oriented setup, I’d suggest you have a look at his previous article here. With K04 turbo swap in the engine bay, drool-worthy R-seats inside the cabin and the always-classy wheels, his GTI has surely been prepared yet again to impress us with another breakthrough. This time it’s all about air. Yes, gone are all the lowering springs, replaced with an exclusive setup of Airlift x Accuair system. Time to park lower.

Hendranata: “Having done with the engine modifications, I think it is now the right time for some serious suspension upgrades. Specifically, a suspension upgrade to handle all the extra power while achieving a better stance. GTI has always been known as a hot hatch with practicality, therefore I don’t want to take any of that essence away either. After some thorough research, I setlled my mind on an air suspension setup. A performance-oriented one, in this case.

It took me about 4 years to research and find the ideal air suspension. My goal was to have a similar handling performance as a coilover setup, but having the car’s fenders touching the wheels’ outer rims when parked. Some of the arguments against air suspension systems at that time were the loss of swaybars, poor management system and incapabilities of high-speed cornering. Thus, I simply waited while settling on an H&R race spring setup.

In 2013, Airlift introduced their newest Performance line bags setup for the Golf MKV. Finally a shed of light for my GTI build! It featured 30-adjustable rebound setting, upper mounting plate with adjustable camber, adjustable shock height (similar to coilover) and the ability to retain the swaybar using shorter link rod. This has brought a breakthrough into the air suspension system market. They’ve even published a video of democars running their system while racing around the track. Right away I knew this was the one I’ve been looking for.

Apart from the hardwares’ performance, the air management system is also a very important aspect of the kit. Relying on Airlift for the bags, lines, and all the hardwares, I complimented the kit with an Accuair e-Level digital air management system. Such height-based system offered a much more accurate and stable driving ride-height, allowing the car to automatically adjust bag pressures according to mass load and road levels. So, no matter how many passengers are in the car, and no matter what kind of uneven roads the car’s on, the system will automatically adjust air pressures to reach the preset ride-height.

Furhter equipped with Accuair’s iLevel WiFi system, I’ve allowed the suspension system to interact with my iOS gadgets. I could adjust air pressures and heights through the phone’s touchscreen. Now that’s a real convenience, plus removing the need for an extra controller inside the cabin. With all the air tank and systems tucked away inside the spare tire area and such gadget-integrated controller, I’d say the overall setup has been rather stealthy. Exactly what I’ve always imagined.”

Yes, a very thoughtful build by Hendranata with his extravagant suspension setup. And in case you’re wondering, pictured above is the driving ride-height, perfectly capable of going through any steep slopes and speedbumps on the streets. I believe the system can go even higher when needed.
Wanting to know more about Hendranata’s GTI? Be sure to check out his build thread in our forum.

Modification Specs

AWE Tuning K04 Turbo Kit
Forge K04 Actuator
Audi S3 Injector
Eurojet v2 Intercooler
Stage3 Bluefin Superchips
AWE High Pressure Fuel Pump
K&N Typhoon69 Piping+heatshield
BPI Velocity stack + 6″ K&N Filter
TID Styling Carbon Engine Cover
BSH Street Catch Can
Audi R8 Rev E ignition Coils
NGK iriway7 Spark Plugs
AWE/Custom Turboback
Custom Turbo Discharge Pipe
Forge BOV Diverter Valve
Blitz Throttle Controller
VF Engineering Engine mounts
Eurojet Transmission mounts
Torque Arm Inserts/Dogbone mounts

CCW Classic 18″x8-9
Peloquin DSG helical gear LSD
Okuyama Carbing 4-point Strut bar
Okuyama Carbing Lower Arm Bar
Brembo GT 328mm 4-Pot BKK
Superpro Aluminium Control Arms
Airlift Perfomance front air suspension atruts
Adjustable damper camber upper mounting kit
Airlift Double Bellow rear air suspension
KONI sport adjustable rear shock
Accuair e-Level Digital Air Management System
Accuair iLevel Wireless Controller
3-Gal Seamless Polished Air Tank
Dual 444cc VIAIR chrome compressors
ZeTech Digital pressure gauges

19″x8.5 BBS LM-R Gold Chrome finish forged wheels
225/35/19 Goodyear Asymetric II Tires
Lugbolt-Lugnut Conversion w/ BBS lugnut

OEM MK6 MF Steering Wheel
OEM MK6 Climatronic Control
OEM RCD510+ USB & Bluetooth
OEM MK6 Motorized Rear View Camera
OEM MK6 Edition35 Golf Ball DSG Shifter
OEM MK6 Golf R Motorsport Seats
Maniacs DSG Paddle Shifter
VAG DIS Information Module
Blitz Throttle Controller

OEM Golf MK5 LED Rear Lamp
Hella LED 3rd Brake Light
Carbon High Spoiler
Shark Fin Antenna
Carbon Front Grill
Carbon Cover Side Mirror
Carbon Votex Lip Spoiler
R32 Style Rear Valance
Carbon R32 Style Diffuser

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (certified by Volkswagen)

Additional Infos
About Photographer – Eric Tanzil: “Feel free to contact me ertanzil[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some shoot from me. Thank you.”