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Cars ZEN Coffee Sydney // Photo Coverage

Zen Garage. A name you’ve probably heard before if you’ve been reading about the Australian car culture. Established in 2011, the Zen crew started their journey with a 300sqm workshop space they dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. Whether it’d be for casual automotive meets, for retail spaces or to be used as a photoshoot location, they are open to any kind of creative ideas. It’s a ‘Zen’ spot for everything automotive, bikes, photography, art, skateboarding, and music related. It’s the cultural habitat for the young and enthusiastic crowds.

Throughout the years, the crew has successfully firmed up their presence in the Australian car scene. Their creativity shines through their outstanding events and artistic perspectives on everything. From trendy merchandises to exclusive model photoshoots, Zen revolves around all things that the automotive enthusiasts would love. Their latest invention is the meet we are featuring today: Cars ZEN Coffee.

Inspired by the Cars and Coffee events that’s been happening all around the world, the Zen crew created their own version of the meet, with a twist. To maintain the quality of cars being showcased, they dedicated the gathering to Prestige, Exotic and Classic cars only. Parking spaces are exclusively reserved for the most clean and proper, while everything else would be politely asked to park in a different area. The result is the staggering meet you’re looking at today, with a lot of quality and creative builds being showcased.

It was an early Sunday morning at the Bella Vista hotel, Sydney. The crew has prepared some ample parking spaces for the meet, with around 200 cars showing up, all accompanied by the fresh smell of coffee and barbecue. It was the perfect way to spend the morning to chatting and socializing with likeminded automotive enthusiasts. More than 500 crowds visited the gathering to appreciate some of Sydney’s finest custom and classic builds.

Our fellow Indonesian friend, Daniel Karjadi, visited the meet and sent us these pictures he has captured. Throughout all of his captures we can clearly see the kind of builds that have been appreciated by the Sydney community. From classic Porsches to aired-out JDM rides! It was a meet filled with plenty of colors and different perspectives towards car modifications. Yet they’re all united at this one ‘Zen’ moment.

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Daniel Jason Karjadi
Sydney, Australia
Website: OFIM
Instagram: @dkarjadi