Redhreevoque 01

Permaisuri Thursday // Evoque on HRE

Yes! I think it’s about time we’re seeing more daring wheel colors on our streets! What’s been quite a trend overseas has now been creeping slowly it’s way up to our car culture. You must’ve seen the A4 on blue wheels from the Indostance article, or the hyper blue TE37SL 1M from Surabaya, or the Volvo on gold Work wheels from Thailand, and today it’s time for the Evoque; sitting nicely on a set of brushed red HRE P90L’s. Proudly dressed up by our partner Permaisuri!

Silver, gunmetal, matte black; gone are the days of these ‘old-fashioned’ wheel finishes. From brushed to machined to any custom/color-matched finishes, let your imagination be your own limit! Especially at the hands of HRE, you can be rest assured that the colors you have in mind will come out exactly the way you imagined it to be, and topped up with industry-leading flawless finishings.

It’s about time to be playful with wheels colors! Check out Permaisuri to have even your wildest imaginations turned into some real set of wheels: Permaisuri

Modification Specs
HRE P90L 22″ Brushed Red Tint
Toyo PXST2 265/35

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil