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Show Off // Jason’s 1M on BBS

A fan-submitted article today comes from Jason, a fellow HnP regular visitor currently living in Surabaya. From MINI to E92 330i to F10 M5, he has driven them all and has also always been a fan to these BMW offerings (I know, MINI is British, but nevertheless is owned by BMW these days). Today, though, Jason is submitting one of his more special creations. His BMW 1M. Limited in availability, a nifty track-car and a compact daily-drivable coupe, the 1M is surely one of the most attractive M cars to buy.

Inspired by the Hyper Blue TE37SL previously installed on Alvin’s Frozen Grey M3, Jason decided to spice things up further for his ride. Replacing the set of TE37SL’s are gorgeous Hyper Blue BBS RI-D’s, custom painted to match the TE37’s striking color. Weighing at only a tad above 7kgs each, these set of wheels have taken off a pretty good sum of unpsrung weight from the 1M, which obviously results in better acceleration and nimbler handling. It’s all about good looks paired with great performance!

While looking for creative ideas to freshen up the exterior of the car, Jason talked to Iwan from KW Suspension, who then forwarded the discussions over to those at iND. What a great idea they’ve come up with! iND offered to custom paint the BMW Performance side mirrors and spoilers Jason has ordered with Hyper Blue color, colormatched to the wheels’ color. Long story short, iND requested color samples from Rays Japan and managed to get a spot-on blue color treatment for those stripes.

A great contrast. White 1M meets carbon meets subtle Hyper Blue stripes.

Being so light and strong (it is forged out of Duralumin A7000 material, instead of aluminium that other forged wheels are made out of), these wheels are becoming pretty popular among M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI) members. Setting Jason’s Ri-D apart, however, is the custom painted Hyper Blue color by Hero.

It’s all in the details. Jason admitted himself as being a perfectionist. Often spending some extra hours in the workshop just to make sure everything fits flawlessly.

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with wireless control has been installed to boost up the 1M’s roar. While not as loud as his 330i on custom Premier exhausts, Akra’s system provides nicer build quality.

What’s coming up next? Jason is looking forward to installing a pair of BMW performance seats to spicen up the 1M’s interior.

Why Bubbles? Apparently it’s dedicated to his girlfriend’s nickname, bubbles.

Being a part of the MOCI club, Jason is one of the still-few Surabaya members. One thing’s for sure though, Jason’s 1M must’ve helped Surabayans in growing their love for M rides.

Modification Specs
BBS Ri-D 19″x9-10 ET22-25 Custom Painted HyperBlue
BBS Red Caps
Macht Schnell 5mm Flat Spacer (Rear)
KW Coilover V3

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System, Titanium Tips – Downpipe, Wireless
aFe Stage II Sealed Air Intake
Macht Tuning by Premier Autowerkz
ER Charge Pipe

iND Gloss Black Grille
iND Gloss Black Side Marker
BMW Performance CF Mirror (M5 Scheme w/ Hyper Blue Stripe) by iND
BMW Performance CF Spoiler (HyperBlue CRT Theme) by iND
LUX H8 V4 (Adjustable)

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)

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