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HnP Photoday // Indostance // Part 1

Yes it’s a same-day edit and same-day post for what’s been happening earlier this afternoon! It’s the HnP Photoday with Indonesian Stance Lovers. For those unfamiliar with the community, Indostance is a place for those who love to slam, tuck and tyre stretch the heck out of their rides.

After having the opportunities to gather with the E90ers, Morning Call, and some other great communities for exclusive photodays, we have decided to do one as well with the Indostance community. So we contacted Ahmad (Indostance gatherer) to arrange the meet today, 20 October 2013. Despite having things going not exactly the way we expected it to be (the meet became non-exclusive and open to all media instead, huh!), we still did pack our gears up and do a coverage of the meet.

Meeting point was at Mesjid Al Azhar Pusat and the convoy was directed towards Cibubur rest area. Enjoy these Part 1 pictures! We’ll come back for Part 2 with more pictures and interesting stories to tell.

The flyer image we actually put up on our page.

With around 200 cars attending, it was surely one of the largest stance casual meet to date.

Some pretty rare gems like this E36 have definitely stolen our attention.

All kinds of makes were there, down to this rarely-seen-on-the-streets wagon Peugeot.

And classics were there too!

From sedans to MPVs. Slam=cool, no?

But BMWs were definitely amongst the most popular platforms out there.

Classy stance.

Pretty cool paintjob on the Vios.

Static love was everywhere in the air.

Yes, this one’s static too!

Slammed Euro meets Tuned Jap.

Tried-and-true wheels of choice for BMWs.

See what I mean? They look good on all kinds of Bimmers, but with proper fitments of course.

Stev has finally did the R bumper conversions. Lowest static Golf to date? Most likely.

So Gustav traded in his Jazz for this Mark X, while still keeping the must-have slammed-status?

Now that’s some serious rear camber right there.

Coming all the way from Bandung! Joe and his crew.

Gotta love those RS.

Yeah, a lot of heads were scratched that day due to most rides’ mind-boggling static-status.

The must-do briefing before the convoy by Ahmad. Strictly no sirens, hazard lights etc that’ll bother other street users! Real car guys respect other car guys!

Iwan KW with his new E90. No, it didn’t turn from blue to white overnight, it’s a different E90.

Slammed Jazz to Slammed Golf. It was exciting to wait for these rides coming up to the meet. You simply don’t know what to expect anymore…

… like the moment this slammed S Class showed up.

That’s all for Part 1, we’ll be back with more pictures very soon!
Update: Part 2 is here!

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Eric Tanzil