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Fly By // Bob’s SLK on BC Forged

There’s nothing quite like cruising in a convertible. The sensation of air rushing through your hair, the strong sense of speed, and the pronounced engine noises livening up the experience. It’s the closest bond one can attain between man, machines and nature. Bob, the owner of today’s featured car, has been longing for a convertible for as long as he could’ve remembered.

Historically, convertibles date back to the era of folding-top horse-and-carriages, where literally two horses pulled around buggies as men’s method of transportation. Not too long after, engine-powered carriages came up and decades later we are still driving them around in its modern iteration: convertible cars. The basic principles of a convertible stay to this day, only radically advanced by technological breakthroughs.

Nowadays almost every car manufacturer offers convertibles within their model lineup, replacing the roof with folding tops and beefed up chassis to bring back the glory of open-air cruising.

Just look at Mercedes-Benz, which has been producing its signature convertible, the SL Roadster, ever since 1957. Today’s SLK is a direct descendant to the same icon, only differentiated by its ‘K’ designation in ‘SLK’, which is often referred to as a ‘compact SL’.

Having previously built a Honda Jazz with Spoon and J’s Racing parts, it has become a natural choice for Bob to also apply genuine quality parts onto his childhood-dream ride.

The exterior is now donned with AMG diffuser and carbon ducktail; while Racechip ultimate, BMC airfilter, and Fox exhaust added the desired power bump. On all four corners reside BC Forged HC 052 wheels wrapped with Toyo rubbers, while KW Street Comfort coilovers are tightening up the car’s handling and comfort at the same time.

Modification Specs
BC Forged HC 052 20″x8.5-10
Toyo T1Sport 245/30 265/30
KW Street Comfort
Racechip Ultimate
BMC airfilter
Fox exhaust
AMG diffuser
AMG carbon ducktail

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762