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Anti-Gravity // Mercedes-Benz A250 on Vorsteiner

‘Weight reduction’ is the common norm nowadays. Computers used to be as heavy and big as a bus; yet now you can fit one on the palm of your hands. I used to be fat myself; now I’m slimmer, thanks to a consistent diet program. Cars used to be really heavy back then; yet thanks to the advances in technology, lightweight-but-strong and ginormous cars are possible right now. Being lighter is always a plus: straight line speed, acceleration, handling, and fuel economy are among some factors that would be improved by this anti-gravity movement. Mercedes-Benz has also been pretty good in doing the same lately.

Mercedes-Benz has always been known throughout the ages for building luxury coaches. Whether it’d be SUVs, sedans, or supercars, you’ll know instantly that you’re witnessing the product of an incredibly long-standing company when you see the Three Pointed Star logo on the hood. For those wanting those criteria that Mercedes Benz has, but in a more compact package, fear not; this German auto manufacturer has now found the perfect solution for you.

Combine the compactness and agility of a hatchback with Mercedes Benz quality: the new A Class is the result. First appeared in 1997, the first-gen A Class had a quirky and somewhat awkward appearance, and thus not remembered by many. Fast forward half a decade later, however,the latest A Class had morphed into one seriously drool-worthy automobile you’re seeing right now.

The car now has an unmistakable silhouette of a hatchback, with iconic Mercedes lines still thoughtfully applied, making this a very desirable compact car. The price tag might be a bit high for a hatchback, but in return, it offers an exclusivity, driving feel, and different bred of performance unmatched by any other. Immediately becoming one fine commuter for jam-packed cities.

A desirable car can still be made even more desirable, as this example proves. By installing the RZA-290 Revozport Kit Package, which consists of carbon fibre hood, rear diffuser, wing, mirrors, and side cannards, the body lines have immediately been buffed into a more aggressive fashion. All for the sake of better aerodynamics while utilising carbon fibre’s lightweight superiorness.

The installation of staggered Vorsteiner VSC101, combined with enthusiasts-trusted KW V3 Suspension System, has accentuated the aggressive and lighter exterior looks even further. Sincere thanks also goes to the performance-oriented ARMYTRIX exhaust for providing this A Class with a state-of-the-art engine notes. All while being lighter and more powerful than stock exhaust. Truly an all-around, no-compromise approach towards race-oriented performance and looks for this build.

Modification Specs
A250 Sport 2014
RZA-290 Revozport Kit Package:
Carbon Fibre Hood
Carbon Fibre rear diffuser
Carbon Fibre wing
Carbon Fibre Mirror
Carbon Fibre add on side cannard
Revozport Aluminium Paddle Shift

Vorsteiner VSC101 wheels 19″x8-9
ARMYTRIX Full Exhaust System
KW V3 Suspension System
Racechip Ultimate

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
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