Supercar Sunday Wallpaper // March 2015

Having a supercar sitting in your garage awaiting its Sunday drive is a pleasure in its own. A piece of sculpture soothing your stresses during the weekdays, an exhilarating medicine fulfilling your automotive addictions during Sunday runs. Today’s Supercar Sunday wallpaper, however, features not one, but four of the most praised supercars money can buy at the moment. Showcasing a Ferrari 458, Mansory Bentley, Hamann X6M and a McLaren MP4-12C, it’s the personal garage that most people are event too afraid to dream about.
Here’s me hoping this wallpaper will motivate you in everything you do in front of your PC. Whether it’d be doing your essay papers, managing your financial portfolios or even designing the next big thing in retail advertisements. For no dreamer is ever too small and no dream is ever too big. Have a good Sunday!

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Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762