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Vossen Japan Owners Meet January 2015 // Photo Coverage

Last week we spent our days in Japan to visit the Tokyo Auto Salon and nearby events/workshops. One of the most memorable ones we visited was the Vossen Owners Meet. Held in Shimizu Marine Park Sizhuoka, it was one of the most breathtaking meeting grounds we’ve ever visited. With Mount Fuji in the background and tremendously clear skies above our heads, it’s surely a fantastic way to spend our afternoon.

Held on January 12th 2015, it’s held exactly a day after the Tokyo Auto Salon. We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to arrive at the Shizuoka station, and took a taxi to continue our journey. The two hour trip was immediately worth it as we arrived at the Shimizu Marine Park. Sea gulls were flying above our heads as we took our first gaze at some of the fascinating cars attending the meet. Enjoy these great captures by Winston and Charles!

All about quality, all about community. Vossen has become one of the few wheels company that has successfully gathered its customers and enthusiasts across the globe. Providing them with ‘owners meets’ and video coverages that others can only envy. If you’ve been in the car scene for a while, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Vossen’s World Tour videos from their YouTube channel. They are stunningly beautiful.

The event itself was rather casual. Owners took their rides in at 10AM and are free to walk around and chat with other likeminded enthusiasts. Vossen Japan (Mondera Japan Inc) setup their booths showcasing the latest models and bespoke wheel finishings. Even bystanders are welcomed to have a stare at these automotive jewelries and immaculately maintained owners’ rides.

The G-Drive-equipped Tesla S showcased a quick demonstration at how its suspension system works. Owner simply took out his power driver to adjust the height of these coilovers. No need to jack the car nor remove the wheels. All were done neatly and very quickly.

The newly released limited edition VLE-1 is surely a piece to be admired. Examined in person, these wheels look nothing like the rest out there in the market. Unmistakably Vossen, unavoidably exclusive thanks to its limited 400 sets production run. The unique thick-centre-face design has surely grown on me over time.

Vossen has also shown off its forged Precision Series in this meet. Quite a few has been installed in the Japanese market, despite hasn’t even been released officially yet to the world. They are forged in construction, unlike the other Vossen wheels currently popular in the market.

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