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Season of Wheels // Rainer’s F10 5-Series on BC Forged

If there’s one part of a car that I love most, it’d be wheels. For one, they represent one of the largest exterior percentage area of a vehicle. I mean, what else can you replace in a set of four! You can only have one spoiler, one front bumper, and at most, only sideskirts come in pairs. Just kidding.
Well, with such a strong presence of seasonal designs, fitments, and finishings, wheels have surely become the perfect jewelries to compliment our vehicles.

It used to be all about depths and lips; oh, and bling. I still remember the days when Lowenhart LDR was one of the most popular wheels around, especially among European car enthusiasts. It was the perfect execution of its time. Nowadays though, a car wearing a set of LDR can easily be marked as being outdated. Wheels designs come and go, and keeping an up-to-date set for your car is the joy of the game.

Meet Rainer and his F10. From the license plates alone, you might be able to tell his Surabaya origin. L 19 RS. Yes, you’re right. He’s a fellow Indonesian currently living in the States, and this isn’t the first time his F10 is featured at HnP. Several months ago we posted his story in this article, and today I’m giving you an update in his latest experiment: new wheels.

Gone are the old HB05S BC Forged concaves, replaced by this strikingly fresh set of HCS03. Aggressively fitted as always, Rainer’s new set of BC Forged wheels has reflected the current trends in wheels designs: concave faces mated to step lips. Twenty-inch in diameter and perfectly combined with the 405MM Brembo GT, this is the setup that have surely won the hearts of many.

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Modification Specs
M Sport bumpers
Arkym rear trunk spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front lip
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
Carbon fiber side mirrors
Meisterschaft exhaust gtc 4X90mm
Brembo GT 6 piston 405mm
BC Forged HCS03 20″ step lip
Megan coilovers

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
David Bush
San Francisco, CA
Website: David Bush Photography