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Sinister Sight // Frozen Grey Audi R8 V10 Spyder on HRE

The glory of traveling. The trip. The sights. The opportunity to live the culture. Our co-founder Charles J has been making quite a number of regular trips to Singapore. Couple of weeks ago we’ve posted his coverage of the AFTMKT Pizza Party meet, showcasing some of Singapore’s most interesting rides. The more I receive these international article materials, the more I travel, the stronger my urge in sharing all these international car cultures through Hawk’n’Poke. Posting articles that could become inspirations to us all Indonesians, pushing our car cultures forward. Today I have yet another very interesting build: an R8 V10 shot by Charles at the Sentosa Cove Residence.

Gorgeous, sinister and civilized at the same time. The R8 V10 Spyder has successfully combined all the flair of a convertible, with the famous back-punching V10-AWD powers, and the civilized manners of an Audi. Feeling the summer breeze by the bay. Propelled by its epic 4sec 0-100km/h acceleration. Yet still outstandingly quiet when you need it to. It’s the glory of Audi’s sleekest convertible creation.

Today’s R8 V10, though, has been given a tad more sinister appeals thanks to its shades-of-grey setup. The entire car has been wrapped faultlessly in a frozen grey color, while beneath those fenders lie some gorgeous pairs of staggered HRE P40 wheels. Having also previously installed a set of P40 on his previous ride, the GTR, it’s clear that owner has a special praise for this HRE model.

Lowering the car properly is a set of H&R springs. The lowered center of gravity provides much better grips; and when paired with the lightweight P40 wheels, has created a very functional handling-improvement combo. Coming soon to be installed is a Capristo exhaust system. Well known for being rather quiet when idle, the R8 will surely turn into a much aggressive beast after the Capristo has been installed.

Modification Specs
H&R Springs
Frozen grey wrap
Capristo Exhaust (to be installed)

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762