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HnP Bangkok Contributor Introduction: JDM Pix

As we are expanding our coverage into nearby Asian countries, we’ve set our eyes on Thailand as the first country into which we’re going to explore. Primarily aimed as a media from which all Indonesian enthusiasts can appreciate automotive passions and be kept updated with the latest events happening all around, HnP is now bringing you HnP Bangkok edition articles. With the serious number of modified rides over there, Bangkok has never failed to amaze us. After completing several trips to Thailand, from joining Flushstyle stance meet to Supercar midnight gatherings, we’ve decided to appoint an official HnP Bangkok contributor: JDM Pix. This is their introduction.

Who is JDM Pix?
“JDM Pix is a group of photographers who simply love Car Cultures. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand and we go to the Car Meetings, Car Events or any place that have a car feature to take photos. Although we are not professional photographers, we do these jobs with love and we always try to improve our skills all the time. We are very proud to present the Thailand Car Culture for the world to see via HnP and we want everyone to know that Thailand is not only good at Foods, Travels and Smiles but we also have many interesting cars waiting for their sights. Our journey has made us got new friends and this time we are very happy to join the Hawk’n’Poke crew and we think HnP Fans will enjoy our works too,” says Tanny one of the JDM Pix crews. The two other members in the team are Skyline and Zetar the photographers. Here are some of their recent captures.

On top is Zetar’s personal ride. The crews’ love for everything JDM is also apparent from the name they picked for their team: JDM Pix.

Tanny’s personal ride, also a Honda Jazz that’s been given plenty of JDM flavors.

We’ll be posting a series of HnP Bangkok articles in the near future, stay tuned!

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Zetar and Skyline from JDM Pix
Facebook: JDM Pix