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Nuvolks Bandung Breakfast Gathering // Photo Coverage

After last month’s Nuvolks Bandung officers’ relaunch ceremony, they’ve now come back with a breakfast gathering and HnP photoshoot held last week. Attended by some of Bandung’s coolest German hot hatches, the meet was filled with a rather vast variety of moded rides. From interesting body color wraps to air suspension setup. Enjoy these great captures by Mex our Bandung contributor!

Mean green on air. That plastidipped GTI has surely managed to catch everyone’s attention everywhere it goes. Coupled with the millimeters-off-the-ground aired-out look, it is the definite head turner.

Though I imagine it will be looking pretty clean too in a monochrome setup.

Another interesting ride that day. An MKV GTI on Forgiato. I was downright surprised seeing such a wheel combo; a very daring choice for sure.

MKV and MKVI platforms have always been populating our streets these days. What’s rarer are these MKIV generations.

Couple of days ago I read an article about how Golf’s design languages are always the same no matter what generations they are from. MKI to MKVI, each generation step has always been rather evolutionary than revolutionary. Meaning you can always spot a Golf despite having no badges on them, thanks to the iconic exterior proportions.

The Scirocco, however, despite being built on top of the same platform, has always been designed differently. Lower roofline, more aerodynamic curves and wider rear arches have become the model’s trademark.

One of the rarer colours I’ve ever seen on a GTI. What a gorgeous shade of blue.

The dipped R and the seriously aggressive GTI. I mean look at those peeking Alcons on the GTI!

While I’ve frequently seen Nuvolks Jakarta members’ rides, I find it refreshing to see Bandung members’ style of modifications. They’re different, a tad more colourful and daring I shall say, with all the flavorful body wraps and plastidips.

At first I was rather skeptical with the R’s matte body, but these bronze wheels have surely changed my mind. They look so perfectly suited to the matte dipped exterior.

This breakfast gathering will be the start to their future frequent meets. Looking forward to the community’s new members and future events.

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Photography by:
MexArt Photography / 0817617275 / 27B586B1 / Bandung