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Permaisuri Thursday // E Class on Carlsson

To be honest I used to be rather skeptical towards single-tuner wheels. Sometimes I think perhaps they only exist for the company’s profit-taking sake, as an attempt to make available every single replacement parts for a particular car brand. From bodykit lips to badges to interior handles, and lastly to wheels. A bit too generic to my liking. Instead, I’d usually prefer wheels that have been produced by specialized wheels companies. Loving everything from US HRE to Japanese Volk Racing, whose research-and-development has been focused on wheels and wheels alone. But these days it’s easy to admit that we’ve been seeing more and more attractive single-tuner wheels in the market, which have been produced under comparably-outstanding production methods. Such as the forged one-piece Carlsson I’m presenting today.

Been in the industry since 1989, Carlsson has constantly been keeping up with Mercedes’ design language for every aftermarket parts it sells. Now that Mercedes has introduced sharper yet more dynamic body lines onto its production vehicles, the same can be found in this particular Carlsson wheel. Boasting a unique two-layered five-spokes design, it certainly offers a very unique concept that has become the perfect match to any Mercedes Benz cars.

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Mods Specs
Carlsson 1/10 20″x8.5-10
Toyo T1S 255/30 275/30
KW lowering kit

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil