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Permaisuri Thursday // BMW 5 Series F10 on Hamann

Any BMW fan would’ve agreed that one of the most iconic wheel designs that look good on just every BMW model is the multi-spoked. Take the classic Alpina wheel as an example. From E30 to F01, they all look good sitting on those long, straight multi-spoked design lines. There’s a strong sense of class and heritage with those wheels, perfectly suited to BMW’s. However, recently Hamann also introduced their own modern iteration of the multi-spoke design. Meet the Anniversary Evo submitted by Permaisuri. With sharper lines and a concave monoblock design, it has become the perfect pair to any modern BMW’s.

Available in diameters 19″-22″, Hamann has specifically designed each wheel’s specs to suit particular BMW models. For the E92, for example, it offers 19″x8.5-10, with perfectly flush offsets. Today’s case is the F10, with 21″x9-11 being Hamann’s specific spec for the ride. Finished in a gorgeous “Black Line” coat and supported by KW suspension, these 21 inchers are totally daily drivable despite their larger-than-average sizing.

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Mods Specs
Hamann Anniversary Evo Black Line 21″x9-11
Continental CSC5P 255/30 295/25
KW Suspension

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)