Maseratimodulare 01

Permaisuri Thursday // Maserati GranTurismo on Modulare

Officially it’s called the Modulare C22. But can never be found on the wheel manufacturer’s site. How’s that possible? Well, this nicely shaped concave wheels have actually been specifically devoted for sale only at Permaisuri. Call it Modulare C22 Permaisuri Edition if you wish. Unique and extremely exclusive, these gems definitely suit the looks of any exotics and supercars.

A powerful grand tourer with the silhouette of an artistic sculpture, the GranTurismo offers unmatched exclusivity for those needing the ultimate luxurious four-seater coupe. All powerful yet surprisingly comfortable and daily drivable, the GT does its job without attracting any unnecessary attentions.

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Mods Specs
Modulare C22 20″x9-10 Satin Black face with Tinted Brushed lips
Pirelli P Zero

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil