Mean Machine // Coki’s 779HP Civic EG6

Take the horsepowers of two 370Z’s and then add 10%. 779HP. A wild performance figure for Coki’s built-for-streets, raced-on-strips Civic EG6. Based upon Honda’s B18C VTEC engine with an extra turbo, the seriously mean machine tears drag strips regularly while still being driven all the way across Jakarta-Bandung occasionally. “Sometimes you can consider the highway as a 120KM strip,” he said jokingly.

Having previously tinkered his Genio, Cielo and even a Starlet Turbo, Coki has grown a particular interest in combining Honda’s VTEC with the benefit of turbo boosts. Despite being primarily built for the streets, Coki saw the opportunity to turn his EG6 into a two-mode multipurpose hot hatch. With ECU settings easily adjustable on-the-go and prepped with two sets of wheels/tires setups, Coki gets to use the EG6 as both a drag-race machine and a street roamer.

A diehard Honda fan at heart, Coki has always had the Estilo as one of his most favorite platforms. With ample aftermarket parts availability and limitless tuning possibilities, Coki started his two-year tuning journey with the EG6 ever since Day-1 of ownership.

Future plans? Coki has placed his target on the 12-second mark at Sentul. While primarily not relying on new parts, Coki insisted on having to retune all the parts’ settings instead. From suspension dials to ECU tunes, every little adjustment matters when strip times are measured to the nearest miliseconds.

Modification Specs

ITR camshaft
Supertech stainless intake +1mm valves
Supertech exhaust econel +1mm valves
Supertech valves spring,
Supertech valves seals
Supertech titanium retainer
BC cams gear
RS Machine closed deck engine block
CP piston
BC connecting rods
ARP engine bolts
ATI Damper crank pulley
GReddy oil catch tank
AEM water methanol
Custom t4 flange header by Progressive
Custom piping by Progressive
Custom intercooler
Custom triple ball bearing GT 40 t4 turbo by COMP TURBO
Turbosmart 50mm primary blow off valves
Turbosmart 48mm wastegate
GReddy 40 mm secondary blow off valves
Autobahn hose
Koyorad alumunium radiator
Tomei full pressure regulator
AEM fuel rail
Custom surge tank by Progressive
Bosch fuel pumps
Custom intake manifold
S90 75 mm throttle body
RC 1000cc injector
Haltech sensors
Haltech PS 1000 stand alone ecu
MSD ignition coil
MSD Spark plugs
M&W ignitions
Albins Gear 1-4 custom gear ratios
Synchrotech carbon syncros
OS GIKEN twin-plate clutch

Drag front 26/10 HOSSIER drag tyres, customized American racing bead locks 15/10″ wheels
Drag rear 15/65/175 dunlop tyres, customized 15/4 inch wheels
Street front Work Meister S1 16/8/35 wheels, T1R 16/50/195 tyres
Street rear Work Meister S1 16/9/36 wheels, T1R 16/50/195 tyres
ENDLESS 6-pot mini
PIC drag series adjustable suspension
American Racing wheelie bar

APEXi gauges
PLX wide band air fuel ratio gauges
ALPINE head unit

Carbon body panels and parts
Custom front bumper
Wheelie bar bracket unit

Bride Euro II
Mugen steering wheel
HKS shift knob
Mugen pedals
Custom Monkey bar and Z bar by Progressive
Carbon-look dashboard

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil