Evoquekahndpe 06

Permaisuri Thursday // Evoque on DPE

What’s the most stylish SUV/crossover on our streets right now? Must be the Evoque! Contemporary, modern and perfectly suitable for the fashion seekers, Land Rover has combined the seductive looks of coupe design with the practicality of an off-roader. A weird formula for sure, but a very successful one nonetheless. What we have today is a rather special Evoque that’s been kitted with a set of Kahn bodykit. Well known for their aggressive styling and out-of-the-box designs, Kahn has successfully transformed this Evoque into an even more exciting sporty crossover!

Residing under the fenders is a set of DPE CSR10 22″ wheels installed by Permaisuri. With such a great contrasting color, these jewels have distinctly complimented the aggressive Kahn body parts. Topped off with the installation of KW Suspension, the crossover is now surely a head turner anywhere it roams.

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Modification Specs
DPE CSR10 22″x9
Toyo Proxes STII 263/35
KW Suspension
Project Kahn bodykit

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil