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A Visit to KW Suspension Indonesia Headquarter

Last Wednesday (6 Nov 2013) there was quite a special occasion at KW Suspension Indonesia. Oliver Scherbaum, KW Suspension’s Export Sales Director, paid a visit to the purple-yellow Kelapa Gading headquarter. A yearly business trip for Mr Oliver, he came all the way from Germany to meet Iwan and Alvin of KW Indonesia. As a means to keep up with Indonesia’s latest automotive trends, as well as introducing KW’s newest products and market strategies to KW Indonesia, he seemed to have greatly enjoyed every single moment of the trip, down to the Nasi Padang lunch he had. Our team was consequently invited that day to meet Mr Oliver while being given a tour around the newly built KW Indonesia showroom.

Left to right: Iwan, Oliver and Alvin. Proudly supporting KW’s great success in both local and global markets.
Well known for their high-quality suspension products, state-of-the-art R&D/production facilities, and fantastic demo cars (check out this latest E91 project ride), KW is definitely the strongest contender in the market.

The Kelapa Gading showroom/headquarter has been thoroughly built to reflect KW’s brand language. From detailed KW product posters to KW-color-matched drawers and racks. It’s all in the details.

KW competition 2-way kit. The same setup as the ones found in Indonesian Mercedes-Benz C-Class Touring Car Championship. Specially custom made by KW for the race’s specifications.

KW Coilover V3 with HLS4 for Nissan GTR R35. HLS4 is a Hydraulic Lift System kit for all four corners. Meaning that the coilover system can be lifted as necessary to overcome speedbumps and road imperfections. All through the push of a button. Pretty much the flexibility of air suspension without all the risks.

KW Tool Kit on top of a Porsche 911 (991) set of KW Coilover V3+. Containing all the necessary tools to adjust all those highend KW coilover kits.

Surrounded by an overdose of quality parts and seductive wheels, the Gading showroom was definitely a candy store for the motorheads. Some wheels they currently have in stock: HRE S101 20″ for BMW F30, TE37SL Black Edition 18″ and BBS LM 19″ for E90/E92 M3, G25 20″ for BMW F10, TE37 18″ and RE30 Clubsport for VW Golf, New ABT ER-C 18″-19″-20″ for VW Golf, Scirocco & Tiguan.

Volk Rays accessories and a plenty of BMW carbon parts can also be found neatly displayed at drawers nearby.

“Uncompromisable quality”. Iwan and Alvin have always shared this same principle for every products they offer.

One of KW’s newest product. The KW Dynamic Level Control kit with wifi receivers. A plug-and-play device made specifically for factory-airsuspension-equipped vehicles. Enabling customized vehicle lowerings down to the nearest millimeter, all while retaining original suspension parts. This one fits Mercedes-Benz Airmatic for the following vehicles: E-Class (211 & 212), CLS-Class (218 & 219), CL-Class (216), S-Class (221), R-Class (251), M-Class (164), GL-Class (164G).
Special price for this first set that has ever arrived in Indonesia!

Purchasing KW is having a peace of mind. From tool kits to a 2-year warranty (when purchased from authorized dealers), KW provides all-around support for every product they offer. Check out their contact details below to get the list of authorized dealers.
We’ll also keep you updated through our site for KW’s newest offerings and news. Meanwhile, you can also pay them a visit at the following address:
KW Suspension Indonesia
Jl. Kelapa Hybrida Raya Blok QJ9 No 14
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
Office Phone: 021-452 5927
Iwan: 021-9955 8777 / 0856 100 5523
Alvin: 021-9311 8855 / 0813 10 888 555
Facebook Page
Detailed info for KW’s product offerings: KW Website

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