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Show Off // Lexus IS on Work

A quick show off article for tonight is Mr W’s Lexus IS on Work BRM wheels. He is a fellow Indonesian who’s been lucky enough to drive around this stunning IS when he was living in Sydney. These Work BRM wheels might also possibly be the first set ever to be installed on an Australian IS/Lexus. Unique and suitably made for the fitted-look, these set of wheels are amongst the rarer breed of Work wheels.

At a time where most Indonesians would’ve opted for a BMW or Mercedes, Mr W decided to have the IS instead. With less of them being seen on the road, the Lexus had been a great platform from which he built a head-turner fitted ride. But all these did come with an interesting cost. Unlike here in Indonesia, where cops would mostly fine you for traffic-related faults, over there they also pay much attention to the rides’ ‘roadworthiness’. Too low a ride would often be deemed ‘unroadworthy’ and result in a large sum of fines. Having the IS sitting so low from the ground, therefore, was becoming a tricky game of cops-evading for Mr W.

Other challenges in driving the car came in the form of passengers. Yes, passengers. Due to the custom H&R springs and meaty tires combo (he likes these meaty), Mr W has to live by carrying two passengers at a time. That means two girls at a time instead of four. Honestly that’s what he said! 😉

Modification Specs
Work BRM Chrome Polished 19″x8.5-9.5
H&R Springs
Nankang 235/35 255/35

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil