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Rise and Fall // Babat’s 7 Series on Vorsteiner

This past half-a-decade we’ve been seeing a rapid rise in the number of US aftermarket companies trying to tap into the premium European-cars aftermarket industry. Especially when it comes to wheels/bodykits. With most claiming their products to have been proudly produced “in house” in the United States. Limitless customizations. Exceptional quality. Outstanding marketing strategies. Premium prices. Through stunning product photo-shoots and videos they’ve rapidly gained popularity worldwide; also mostly thanks to the internet. But as time passed by, quite a few started losing their customers and tumbled down. Where did they go wrong?

For some, trust was the issue. Some of these companies turned out to be no more than ‘marketing offices’ that didn’t even have any production facilities in the States. Products were shipped from all corners of the world (think China) and then packaged, labelled, sold at a premium price. And such a scheme would’ve most often than not affected product quality greatly. Sooner than later customers found out and walked their way out of the loop. Badly-fitted aeros, low-quality materials (carbon parts which turned out to be no more than carbon overlays?), we’ve seen all these too often across online discussion boards.

For others, customer service and growth management were the issue. Quality was good. Products were true as advertised. But when the worldwide stream of orders started coming in, they simply didn’t have the capabilities to produce/handle all of those. Customers gone impatient and company started losing their name for not keeping up with their promises/delivery schedules. Again, when reputation went down, the whole company was doomed to be dragged along with it.

But then there are several others that have lived through the hardships of these rapid growths and came out on the other side as a truly established company. Vorsteiner, for one, is among these. I’m pretty sure most of you didn’t even know how Vorsteiner could be so popular overnight. Where did they come from? Are their products as true as advertised? Truth be told, what started as a small company selling E46 parts have blossomed its way to becoming a reputable US-based tuner brand with top-notch customer service supporting every sales it makes. Yes Vorsteiner has had its rise-and-falls initially when it came to product qualities, but they are now coming out clean with their current lineup of true high-quality products.

What I have today is Babat’s 7 Series on Vorsteiner V-306 22″. A classic 7-spoke-dual-split elegant face mated with deep lips thanks to the 9″-11″ wheel widths. Classy and upscale, these large 3-piece wheels have nicely complimented the 7 Series’ sizable sedan body. Coupled with the KW lowering springs, this luxurious German has managed to maintain its comfortability and drivability despite such low profile tires.

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Modification Specs

Vorsteiner V-306 22″x9-11
Pirelli tires
KW Springs
740 diffuser
M Tech bumper

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (certified by BMW)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426