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Flush Style Thailand Meeting #15 Photo Coverage // Part 2

Welcome back to our photo coverage of the Flush Style Meeting #15, held on June 23rd 2013. A casual meet and greet arranged by the Flush Style crew during the Bangkok Auto Salon. Do check the Part 1 article if you haven’t! I hope our coverage can give you all inspirations as what to do next to your rides!

Despite the popularity of Japanese rides, some mint Euro classics were also there at the meet.

All cleaned up after being showcased as the “Sexy Car Wash” car at the auto salon.

How low can it be? Many of the cars at the meet were clean/proper, but then there were also these beater-rides being shown off.

“Flush” in Flush Style isn’t just a name. These cars have really been built for aggressive fitments.

Here’s a VW perhaps you will never see on our land.

Accompanied by a fellow Euro sedan, wearing Rotiform NUE wheels.

Can’t stop but noticing that Volvo in the background. One of my favorite rides at the meet.

Every crew that came to the meet were given the opportunity to exchange merchandises. And so we did too! Notice another cross-country crew was also there: StancePilipinas.

Found inside the dashboard of a BMW 2002.

Here’s something for Grand Civic owners out there. Unique paint.

Haven’t seen to many aggressively fitted City’s over here. Here’s a quite radical specimen for inspiration.

I love how most of these pop-up headlights were only tiny bit popped up. Giving them that sinister look.

It it were an Evo it would’ve been a definite showstopper. Nevertheless the Lancer does look nice with such trunk lid and dual exhaust.

That’s all for our Flush Style Meeting #15 coverage! We do still have few more articles from Bangkok. Stay tuned.
Click play below to have a look at the Flush Style video coverage.

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Photography by:
Charles J
Automotive Photographer based in Jakarta and Singapore.
Phone: +6287886807762