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The Continentals // Euro Group Shoot

Contrary to the popular belief, I do think that modifying modern cars these days aren’t easy. To get that extra ‘oomph’ from the vehicle without sacrificing something else seems to be almost inconceivable. In a worst case scenario, one can even end up with an inferior item compared to the one which has just left the factory. Lowering your car much? Then you most probably will have to sacrifice ride comfort. Pushing out some extra horsepower? There goes your fuel efficiency. Bigger wheels? Better watch out for those potholes. Carbon front lips? Be careful with those speed bumps. See, for every aesthetic/performance upgrades you make, you’re often creating unavoidable compromises. You’re tinkering with an equilibrium that’s been designed and developed by a team of highly qualified engineers, who’ve been working on the car for years prior to its production. So, knowing these facts, are you still wanting to outsmart those engineers by doing your own mods/upgrades?

I do, I still do. Perhaps it’s not about outsmarting them. Not about making questionable upgrades. But it’s all about making the right choices in modifying the car as to reflect my personal preferences. An extension to a personality. I can live with worse fuel efficiency in return of higher HP figures. I’m willing to be more careful in driving as to avoid those potholes and speed bumps. And I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there are feeling the same way too! However, when it comes to German cars, there are things that we should take extra cautions for, and this trio of German cars we are featuring today are specimens of some pretty well thought modifications.

First two is a pair of white F10 on HRE and a silver one on Rays Homura. USA vs Japan. Forged vs cast. These two are some of the best brands out there at their own price levels.

Third car on the shoot is an E250 AMG. With Piecha body parts and BC Forged wheels, the glorious coupe is now looking much sportier than its factory-fresh counterparts.

Modification Specs

E250 AMG

Piecha front add on kit
Piecha rear diffuser
Custom exhaust
Eibach springs
BC Forged HC 050 20″x8.5-10
Toyo T1S 245/35 275/30


HRE P40S 20″x9-10
Toyo T1R 245/35 285/30
KW V3 coilovers
M Sport body kit
3D Design carbon diffuser
BMW Performance grille
BMW Performance carbon fibre spoiler
Hamann carbon fibre front lip
Custom exhaust

F10 Rays

Rays Homura 20″x8.5-9.5
Toyo T1R 245/35 285/30
BC coilovers
M Sport body kit
BMW Performance grille
Custom exhaust

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Charles J
Automotive Photographer based in Jakarta and Singapore.
Phone: +6287886807762