W204dpecst 07

Permaisuri Thursday // C Class W204 on DPE

So aggressive, isn’t it? Today Permaisuri sent me these greatly captured C300 W204 wearing C63 body style and a set of gorgeous DPE CST10 wheels. While some people might argue that a C300 shouldn’t be wearing a C63’s bodykit, I’d argue for the contrary. Yes, the C63 is quite a beast to own. It also costs a lot more both in the initial purchase and in the long run maintenance. For most of us, perhaps having a C63 as a daily driver might not be too ideal. Instead, the humbler C300 will surely be the more practical solution, considering Jakarta’s weekdays jammed streets. But then, what if you want to make the C300 look more attractive? The C63 body style is surely one of the nicest ones to go for. I love how the owner kept the C300 badge, despite having installed both AMG big brakes and exhaust on his C.

Permaisuri has definitely done a great job in fitting these wheels. Have a look at the rear fenders gap. Just nice and just right for a tuned Euro look.

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Modification Specs
DPE CST10 19″x8.5-9.5
KW Street Comfort

C63 & AMG bodykit
AMG exhaust
AMG big brake kit

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil