E55amg 13

Roller Coaster Ride // Eurocharged 700HP E55 AMG on Radenergie

Burn the rubber. Bite those spines. Blast the ear drums. Smash the speedlimit. Supercars raise their eyebrows staring at this Merc sprinting like a runaway train. This, folks, is the darkroom roller coaster ride hidden behind its very own smiley clown entrance. Pretty much like a broken personality Joker offering you candy while crafting evil plans trying to kill you on every corner. The kind of cars fathers keep for themselves, away from their sons. It’s the E55 AMG. The brainchild of lunatic AMG engineers whose hands are comparable to those of artists and yet are able to differentiate superchargers simply by the way they sound.
I should then introduce you to Mr. H, the owner of this wildly modified E55 AMG. One that has turned the HP dial away from tiny 469HP to manic 700HP.

To put this car into perspective, let’s pick something red, fast, and flashy. Let’s say it’s a Ferrari. Take the Enzo, one of the most notable Ferrari ever built. Guess how many horsepower that super rare exotic have? Break necks all day the Enzo may, but this super sedan packs 49 more HP than Ferrari’s named-after-the-founder model. All while retaining its sheep clothing; capable of blending among other E Class’s like a golden M&M among its pack.

No ride is proper unless it reflects the owner’s personality. Mr. H himself admitted his passion for speed has surpassed every other reason behind the build. Keeping the body lines stock while spending hundreds of millions rupiah in tuning the engine has satisfied Mr H’s thirst for performance. All while retaining the car’s five-seater comfortability and drivability. Meanwhile, a set of lightweight forged Radenergie wheels and a front lip are all the exterior mods sported by this speedy yet humble looking specimen.

Modification Specs

Eurocharged 180 mm Supercharger Pulley (15Psi Boots)
OEM Pulleys Replaced with ASP (Billet)
Eurocharged 82mm Throttle Body
Eurocharged Heat Exchanger
Eurocharged Custom 750cc Injectors
Port and Polish Head by Eurocharged
Johnson CM30 Pump
Kleemans Header
Kleemans Camshaft
RENNTECH Carbon fiber intake
Quaife LSD
Eurocharged High Flow Torque Converter
Cat delete
Eisenmann Exhaust System
TCU tune by Eurocharged
Speed Limiter Remover
Stage 3 Custom Ecu by Jerry @ Eurocharged
RENNTECH Lowering System
StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
EBC Brake Pads
Radenergie Forged Wheels 20″x9-10
Toyo 245/40/20 285/25/20

Carbon Front Lip

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426