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Permaisuri Thursday // C2S Aerokit Cup X E63 AMG on HRE

There really is no better way to start the day other than having a pair of highends inside my inbox. Permaisuri sent me these high performance duo wearing P40SC and P44SC HRE wheels few days ago. On one side we have the red hot Carrera S Aerokit Cup and on the opposite there’s this humble looking E63 AMG super sedan.

In case you’re wondering, the Aerokit Cup is a specially developed ‘OEM modification’ package offered by Porsche. The package offers a higher horsepower figure (440HP vs 400HP), upgraded camshafts, retuned ECU and a more aggressive body work. Apparent from the distinct front bumper and rear spoiler lip, the Aerokit Cup offers a sportier package for the more performance oriented customers.

This exotic coupe came out of the factory floor with per-installed OEM modifications. Nevertheless, the owner still decided to kick things up a notch by installing these timeless P40SC HRE wheels. Made from aerospace grade forged aluminium and built as monoblock 1-piece wheels, these automotive jewels pack a lot of strength underneath those seductive spokes.

A cameo in the photo session was an E63 AMG running on a set of P44SC HRE wheels. Humble on the outside, yet having a beast resting in its engine bay; the E63 proves to be the perfect daily driver for the performance thirsty enthusiasts. A dual-personality car that can turn from being a polite people carrier into tire burner hysteria in split seconds.

Check out Permaisuri for their latest stocks of automotive jewels: Permaisuri

Modification Specs
Porsche 911 Carrera S Aerokit Cup
HRE P40SC 20″x8.5-11

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG
HRE P44SC 20″x9-10

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil