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Raucous // 2JZ 3.4L Supra on Wedsport

Here’s a post for all you Japanese muscle car fans out there. Let me start this one off by throwing two hard facts to you: Tarox 10-pot brakes on its feet and a 2JZ-GTE 3.4L as its heart. Uncompromisable performance is obviously the top priority of this fast and furious machine. Look at the mod list at the bottom of this post yourself. The ratio of form vs function mods is almost 1 to 10. No it hasn’t gotten that aggressive stance nor flashy one-of-a-kind wheels. It’s simply a genius pile of raw, brute, and raucous parts sculpting a true Japanese muscle car.

Do you know that Toyota built the Supra out of its humbler cousin Celica? It did. Even the first Supra was called Toyota Celica Supra Mark I. What the company did at that time was lengthening the Celica bonnet in order to accomodate a larger engine. Mainly to compete with the Datsun Z-car of the period. Several years passed by with reputable sales and thus what started as the Celica sub-brand was birthed into the singular Supra line up in 1986.

Despite its international success, the Supra was plagued by the same disease affecting its rivals at that time. At the dusk of 21st century was the discontinuation of Supra, Skyline and Silvia; some of the most iconic and praised Japanese performance cars. For the Supra, at least, it was mainly due to the 2JZ’s non-environmentally friendly emission scores. Toyota then decided to stop its production and push the sales of boring family sedans instead.

Despite a tragic end to its production, the Supra continued to be one of the most sought after platform for performance enthusiasts. We’ve seen plenty of thousand-horsepower builds based off the Supra. It’s also a popular platform being used in high-octane motorsports, from drifting to drag racing.

Produced in the 1970s until 2000s, only a handful of Supra has ever arrived in Indonesia. And no other can now be imported due to the government’s ban of secondhand car imports. This makes the Supra a very desirable collectible. That’s why, seeing such well maintained and purposely-built Supra has made us rest assured that at least one of the last Supra’s ever arrive on our land is in good hands.

Modification Specs

2JZ-GTE 3.4L built block
BW S400 turbocharger 72mm inducer, A/R:1.06
Full race ceramic coated exhaust manifold
(2) Tial 44mm wastegates
Full race 4inch downpipe w/ v-clamps
ATI crank damper
Greddy pulley set
Greddy BOV
Greddy modified oil catch tank
Greddy silicone vacuum hoses
Greddy radiator cap
Full Race vacuum block
Billion power steering tank
Hypertune intake manifold
Port-matched Hypertune runners
Hypertune 90mm throttle body
K&N air filter w/custom piping
Custom 4inch straight exhaust with dual o2 and v-clamps
Carbon valve cover w/cam window
Polished cam covers
NGK Racing competition plugs
Boost Logic built tranny and transfer case
Precision instrument torque converter (2700rpm stall)

BC blueprinted and balanced Crankshaft
CP 1mm oversized forged pistons
BC connecting rods
BC 1mm oversized valves
BC springs and retainers
BC camshafts (272 intake/272 exhaust)
JUN adjustable cam gears
ACL race bearings
ARP main & head studs
Ported and polished cylinder head
Cometic head gasket

Walbro 280lph in-tank fuel pump
Custom aluminum surge tank
SX fuel filter
SX fuel pump
Aeroquip y-block
Hypertune twin feed fuel rail w/mid return
(6) 1000cc Injector dynamics
SX fuel pressure regulator w/gauge

Koyo aluminum radiator
Greddy 3-row intercooler
Custom aluminum intercooler pipes
Greddy oil cooler
Custom transmission cooler
Custom differential cooler
Custom radiator hard pipes

Haltech PS2000 full stand alone engine management
AEM internal UEGO wideband o2 sensor
ProEFI 5 bar MAP sensor
Haltech boost controller
ProEFI 150psi fuel press. Sensor
Haltech intake temp sensor

18″ Wedsport
Toyo T1-R tires
Tarox 10-pot brake upgrade (front & rear)
Steel-braided brake lines
Tein adjustable coilovers
Carbonetic 1.5way LSD

Custom 5-point roll cage
Carbon interior
Teamtech 4-point safety harness
Bride Low max Sport seats

Doluck body kit
Custom Carbon Hood
Doluck Carbon Wing

Battery relocation
ABS delete
Variable power steering delete
Aeroquip AN fittings and braided hoses
Custom aluminum ECU mount

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426