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Bad Boy // Telesto Grigio BMW E60

What if. What if you have all the time and money in the world to build the cars of your dreams. Anything. Any car. Any wheels. Any color you can think of. Any price. Would you buy a Veyron and call it a day? Would you hunt down the first car you’ve ever owned and purchase it back for all the memories it holds? Would you buy a Ferrari and slap some air suspension on it just because you can? Or would you stay true to what you like and build a car that reflects your soul, while not letting anyone else’s views dragging you down? I’ve seen a lot of people’s tastes being ruined by the opportunities they have. Give kids too much candy and they’ll choke, some say. Getting a car to look 90% great is easy, but hitting the 100% mark while not overdoing it can sometimes be the real challenge.

Meet Mr. H, owner of the 700HP W211 E55 AMG we featured sometime ago. This is his other ride, his ongoing BMW E60 project. He’s had all the resources he needed and yet still building cars that stayed true to his likings and, most importantly, all of his builds are ever so faithfully proper.

Satisfied with the E55 AMG build, last year Mr. H started shopping around finding another Euro to be built. What he had in mind initially was the E60 M5. However, having no luck in finding the right car with the right paperworks, he settled for this 530i E60 instead. Despite having no ///M badge on the ride to start with, Mr. H has prepared all his wildest ideas to build this saloon to his liking. From Telesto Grigio Lamborghini shade to an engine swap, he’s determined to turn the four door people carrier into a bad boy with some serious attitude issue.

Across all of his builds (mind you, the W211 and E60 aren’t his only rides; some are stip W.I.P.), Mr. H stayed true to his principle of having project cars that are wilder than anyone else’s. For the W211 E55, for example, he has installed the Eurocharged kit that turned its HP crank to a 700HP figure, a number that quite possibly the largest in Asia. Meanwhile, on this E60 he started his wild build by repainting the BMW with a very unique Lamborghini color. Inspired when he saw a Lamborghini in Singapore having this very same shade, he decided to infuse Telesto Grigio color onto the BMW’s body.

Being a maniac for speed, the 530i engine is way too tame for Mr. H. Switching from driving the E55 AMG into this E60 presented a very underwhelming experience. To overcome this issue, Mr. H has prepared an M5 engine to be fitted into the E60’s engine bay, with further support from a supercharger kit. That’s all in the near future.

Another Lamborghini influence on this ride is its ‘Arancio Orange’ Brembo calipers. These are the same color found as standard options on Lamborghini’s.

Mr. H is also currently shopping for new wheels to freshen up his ride once the M5 engine’s fitted in. Do let us know in the comments which wheels you would suggest him to run! And what colors too!

Modification Specs

Telesto Grigio repaint
M-tech front and rear bumpers
M5 side mirrors w/ carbon inserts
Carbon Hamann lips
Carbon 3D Design diffuser
Carbon M5 ducktail
BMW Performance grille
LCI stop lamps

M5 instrument clusters
M5 front seats

BC Forged HB-04 20″x9-11
Toyo T1R 255/30/20 305/25/20
Brembo GT 8pot 380mm Arancio Orange
BC Racing coilovers

Eisenmann Quad 4x76MM exhaust
K&N replacement filter

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (certified by BMW)

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426