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Know Your Roots // Franky’s Stream RSZ on Volk Rays

Should lambos be bagged? Are excessive cambers pointless? What about air suspension? A lot people these days are bashing too much on what other people are doing to their cars, with arguments ranging from “ruining cars” to “doing expensive wastes”. Is it a good decision to ruin a Subaru’s ability in tackling terrains by lowering the car so much that it’s scarping oil pan all over the place? Functionally, perhaps, not a good idea. But not everything in life is focused around function alone. What does a painting do functionally when attached on a wall? Nothing. It stays there, it doesn’t clean the wall whatsoever, its frame even needs regular cleaning. It’s also expensive. But is it pointless? No. It showcases creativity and inspires others to do things beyond what’s initially thought as possible. Same thing is true with cars. Most people think of it as a functional “to get from point A point B in the best possible way” object while others treat them as canvases to shout out their creativities, their personalities. That, folks, is what I admire as the true roots of modifications.

This brings us to the Stream RSZ I’m featuring today. It’s a compact MPV. It’s supposed to be a grocery getter, the kind of car found in supermarket parking areas. But Franky, whose other ride is the JDM N/A Civic, decided to put same kind treatment to his Stream RSZ. Boy he does it so properly! It might not be the fastest Honda around nor the coolest JDM ride, but it’s surely a very unique piece of art.

A set of Original Volk Rays RE30 wheels and Mugen bodykit set this car apart from other grocery getters. The way Franky’s sticking true to proper parts shows his dedication in pursuing the JDM looks. He didn’t stop there. The engine has also been port-and-polish-ed, along with air flow upgrades. Check out the full mod list at the end of the article!

Modification Specs

Mugen add on bodykit
Mugen carbon custom grille
Carbon hood
Tomoki short antenna
Honda red emblems
JDM turn signals

Recaro SR4 Tomcat Edition
Mugen steering wheel
Mugen pedals
OEM boss kit
Type R engine start button
Type R key cover
Spoon carpet
Carbon interior panels
Pioneer AVH-P4150DCD head unit
Vocal speakers
Precision Power DCX 300.4
Kicker solobaric sub

Porting Polish N/A
Kansai down pipe
Kansai mufflers
Fujitsubo rainbow titanium tailpipe
Dastek Type Q
Greddy ground wire
K&N air filter
Mugen oil cap
Mugen radiator cap
JDM engine cover
Volk Rays RE30 hyper bronze formula 18″x9 et50
Yokohama Neova AD07 225/40/18
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 235/40/18
Tanabe sustec pro coilovers
Spoon monoblock 4-pot brakes
Enkei lug nuts
Tanabe strut bars

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

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