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GENESIS Car Show and Gath // hawk’n’poke X Hellaflush // Part 4

More pictures from GENESIS! These are several pics showcasing the booths area, entertainments and other stuffs!

KW Suspensions had this well built M5 as their demo car. Equipped with KW Hydraulic Lift System, the M5 can have its entire chasis lifted up when necessary, maneuvering over speedbumps with ease!

Apart from booths showcasing their latest C Class duo demo cars, TOP 1 held several quizes on the stage, accompanied by their attractive models.

Vertue had a booth displaying their leather creations. They’ve also registered several cars into the car show to be their demo cars.

Autovision had quite several lighting products up their sleeves. Venom was punching out hips and hops out of its demo car. Elika had quite a few performance parts that enticed the interests of speed freaks.

Booth renters admitted the crowd on the day being endless. Unlike indoor entrance-ticketed shows, GENESIS had certainly created a very different atmosphere.

CarSpa proudly presented the E Coupe as its demo car.

TopCars were selling the Jeep at the show. Next to it was The Original Finch offering their unique clothing line, and Supremo displaying quite a few attractive wheels.

Inspire displayed several autobody parts, along with the GTI demo car.

Akram, one of our lucky draw winners. We had Rp 39,000,000 worth of products and vouchers given away to GENESIS car show participants.

DJ Agung heated up the stage with his remixes from the evening ’til sometime later in the night, accompanying our dinner time.

We still have several more pictures in our harddrives waiting to be edited. Somagede also rented a booth on the day selling, automotive supplies. MOTOR also had a booth and held the instagram competition around their booth. Will post those pictures up soon!

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426
Some pics edited by Charles J
Other pics taken by Darmawan