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Salient Factor // E Coupe on BC Forged

Crisp. Classy. Sporty. And Unique. These are the words that went straight into my mind looking at these pictures sent in by Winston this evening. Frankly, if I were the reader of this article I would’ve definitely skipped these sentences for later and went straight to scroll through the whole set of pictures. I mean, look at those yellow Brembo brakes! They stood out like the golden tip of Monas during broad daylight, crowned by the sharply technical 20″ BC Forged wheels. Apart from the striking footwork, though, there’s another salient factor. Something that I first ever saw installed on an E Coupe. What is it? Read along.

Yesterday I went to the Hot Import Nights auto contest at JCC Senayan. There were quite a lot of nicely modded cars. However, the experience that I had with those cars was kind of different from meeting a particular modded car in person, individually outside the contest area. This E Coupe was there at the contest yesterday and yet it was pretty much blended in with the other contest cars. It became one with the pack. A pack of modded cars with each having different details that can easily be overlooked. In such individual photo shoot, however, the experience is very much different. The car has become the superstar of the day, with every single detail being noticed and appreciated. Look at the rear ducktail, it is nothing like I’ve ever seen before and not something that can easily be noticed during my scroll around the auto contest area.

PIECHA is the manufacturer of those read ducktail and diffuser. It is a German company specializing itself in the production of sporty Mercedes Benz aftermarket body parts. You might have frequently heard the name Carlsson, Brabus, AMG and the like, but this time the owner of this E’s bringing something more unique onto the table. The ducktail line extends beyond the trunk nearing the rear lamps, something I’ve never seen on other E Coupes before.

Moving on from the unique ducktail. The engine tone of this sharp-looking machine has also been enhanced through the installation of a Valvetronic Exhaust System. As the name implies, a set of valves control the tone of the exhaust. Loud or silent, all can be controlled within the push of a button.

Modification Specs

PIECHA rear diffuser
PIECHA rear ducktail
Carlsson front add on

Valvetronic Exhaust System

BC Forged HC050 20″x8.5-10
225/30/20 275/30/20
Brembo 6-pot 380, 4-pot 355
KW springs

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426