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Group Shoot // Indonesia MINI Club Gathering November 2012

Last November 24th 2012, we were invited by some members of the Indonesia MINI Club to attend their gathering held at the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) area. With an area large enough to accomodate these MINI coming across all generations, the parking lot was turned from being a dull piece of land into a colorful festive rich in automotive history. Morris, Cooper S, John Cooper Works, Countryman, various MINI trims and models came in kaleidoscopic colors, livening up the group gathering experience. Being a part of the MINI family in Indonesia is very much different from being the member of other car clubs. MINI brand has been so overflowing-ly filled by the characteristics of being historic, fashionable, unique, splashy and pocket-rocket-performance, that the group itself became a garden of colorful blossoms – I think none of the cars here are exactly the same with the other. There are always small details that make each MINI unique, such as the roof patterns, the side mirrors colors, and the stripes. Combining these factory options with innumerable aftermarket parts, MINI is the perfect choice for those seeking individualities. Enjoy the pictures!

Some 50 years of age difference exist between these Morris and the new MINI, yet their design cues have still been prominent and preserved.

A badge celebrating the MINI 50th anniversary.

As I said earlier, the aftermarket parts for MINI are aplenty. These Akrapovic exhausts are amongst the most popular choice.

One could never separate the MINI from its ‘Mr. Bean’s car’ image and also its British origin.

There it goes, Teddy again.

The stripes are another unique characteristic of the MINI. Only a few car models can wear these stripes without looking tacky.

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