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Hot Import Nights 2012 Jakarta

Held at the Jakarta Convention Center Senayan on 8-9 December 2012, this year’s Hot Import Nights has gathered +-150 participants competing for various trophy categories. One thing for sure is the rise in the number of ‘fitment’-focused rides. A lot of BMW’s and Japanese makes have been given these stanced treatments. One of the best specimen would be the 3 Series fitted with CCW wheels I posted as the cover picture.

A line up of Connection auto community cars. From performance oriented Evo to lowered CLS, they have it all.

Jaguar XK-R on BC Forged wheels. XK-R itself is a very rare sight in Indonesia, let alone a modified one.

Quite a unique color this 3 Series has. Rarely can brown look so good.

Odysseys are meant to be slammed.

I’m no huge fan of fancy bodyworks but there’s definitely a place for this very well-executed VIP Aristo in my personal favorites list.

Another VIP styled Japanese ride.

A line up of Imagine auto club cars. Mostly rocking JDM and race oriented treatments.

Remember what I’ve told you about BMW’s and fitments? Here’s another specimen.

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Photography by:
Winston J
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