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GENESIS Sponsor Introduction // KW Suspensions

Let us introduce one of our Gold Sponsors in GENESIS: KW Suspensions Indonesia. Such partnership immediately came to mind considering the sheer number of hawk’n’poke featured cars running on KW Suspensions systems. The Mugello Blue R8, Frozen Grey M3, Blue E36, Matte Yellow W204 and many more; KW has quite a portfolio here on our site. Wondering why they have been so successful and popular? Well, being of German origin, KW definitely has produced some of the most reliable suspension systems on the market. With products ranging from lowering springs to track-ready and iPhone-controlled coilovers, they offer quality products at every price range.

I’m not going to go too far with the technicals, but certainly KW has one of the most innovative solutions in the market. Take the DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) system, for example, which allows a driver to change the dampening (“hardness”) of the system only with the push of a button. Feeling sporty? Put the DDC to Sport+ and you can drive through corners as if you’re in a racecar. Feeling tired going home after work? Put the DDC to Comfort and those potholes and speedbumps you meet will be well taken care of. Feeling geeky? Install the WLAN module and you can do all those stuffs I mentioned via your iOS device.

The common belief is that having a low ride in Jakarta would usually restricts one from being able to go over speedbumps and uneven roads. Again, KW has a solution in the form of its Hydraulic Lift System (HLS). A system that can raise the height of a car as necessary. The Mugello Blue R8 in this article, for example, has been installed with such a setup. You can see the HLS system in action here:

We are looking forward to having a great time with KW Suspensions Indonesia as one of our GENESIS partners. Hint: they will also be offering plenty of gifts and prizes for GENESIS Car Show participants! One more thing, next year KW will be releasing a new KW Dynamic Lowering Control system for factory-fitted air suspensions. These include those found in some Mercedes, Bentley, Audi and the like.

For more info about KW Suspensions, please visit: KW Suspensions International or KW Suspensions Indonesia by Absolute Rich Tuning
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