Fairladymex 03

Street Dreams // Fairlady 350Z on TE37SL

“Have you ever actually raced it on the track?” I’ve seen a lot of internet trollers and haters raising this question on forums and boards in regard to performance-tuned rides; and it isn’t rare to find these threads filled with angers and arguments fueled by the question. Some argue and mock the modifications as being pointless and nonsensical, because those parts are there for nothing; they aren’t being used up to their full potential. Well, I tell you, things are slightly different in Indonesia and these arguments are almost nonexistent here. Why?

You see, our roads and tollways can actually turn into race tracks everyday past midnight. In a country where speedlimit signs are as important as road ads, a lot of performance freaks are putting their rides to the max on these public tollways. So, instead of arguing over performance modifications, Indonesians are more often found posting their memorable maximum speeds on forums instead (forum link →). 199km/h with a stock Jazz? Check. 220km/h with an A6? Check. 258km/h with a Cayman? Done. 286km/h? Yes, done by a GTR. I’m not saying these things to promote them; mind you, I’ve even heard some cases involving crashes and cracked skulls on these tollways. These are just plain facts, the hard truths regarding the Indonesian car scene. Perhaps it’s due to the difficult access to race tracks. A lot of people here are fulfilling their passion for speed on the streets. This is also one of the reasons why we see quite a lot of highly tuned performance rides populating our streets.

Agung’s Fairlady is one of those cars that have been installed with performance-oriented upgrades and yet rarely seen on the track. He has fitted plenty of air flow modifications to maximize the car’s performance, as well as installing the lightweight-yet-ever-so-good-looking TE37SL. A set of Endless big brake kit for the front has also been fitted to reduce the ride’s braking distance. In the US, this might have become the perfect track day car, but situations are kind of different here in Indonesia; this is a country where there’s only one race track in existence. So how does Agung enjoy all these upgrades? Mostly on the streets and occasionally on drifting events.

Modification Specs

Nismo ver 1 front bumper
Nismo ver 1 sideskirts
Nismo ver 1 rear add-ons
OEM Nissan LED rear lamps

Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover System
Volk Rays TE37 SuperLap 19″x9.5 (+22) Front
Volk Rays TE37 SuperLap 19″x10.5 (+12) Rear
Advan Racing Wheelnuts
Endless big brake kit 6pot type R 370mm rotor

HKS intake pipe
HKS open air filter
Carbon engine cover
Carbon battery cover
Carbon brake fluid cover
Oil catch tank by XS
Cooling plate by XS
Power Craft header
Power Craft test pipe
Power Craft Y-pipe
Power Craft Extra exhaust

Carbon panels

Additional Infos

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