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H2O International 2014 // Photo Coverage

Ocean City, Maryland, USA. Last September (27th-28th), the H2O International 2014 car show took place yet once again as one of the greatest European (especially VW/Audi) event held annually in the USA. Currently in its 17th year of show, the event itself has turned into a very strong anchor for the aggressive fitment scene currently happening all over USA. Enthusiasts from all over the country drove plenty of miles and hours to arrive at the city, with some coming all the way down from Canada. This year, though, we’ve especially been seeing more and more non-Euro and non-VW/Audi cars participating as visitors to the car show. A proof of simply how attractive the event has become.

Enthusiasts united. With such a great amount of energy and passions happening at the event’s annual meet, it did become quite inevitably out of hands at times. Accidents did happen. And with more and more visitors each year, things did get pretty serious at times. Perhaps that’s why this year the Ocean City Maryland Police has enforced a much stricter approach in chasing down what they considered to be ‘unsafe’ cars. That is, I heard, related to over-cambered vehicles.

Despite the traffic-fines frenzies happening all over Instagram, even days prior to the meet, we’re still seeing plenty of enthusiasts undeterred by the idea. They came to the show fully prepared to challenge whatever risks there was. Extra-wide latest wheels with lowest suspension setups, these rides were bound to impress. Built to perfection for the sole purpose of inspiring others and becoming an extension to the owners’ personalities and ideas. Artforms.

Enjoy these great captures by our fellow US contributor Daniel Mata. Do check out his other snapshots of the event through his instagram @therealdanielmata. If you’d like to know more about H2Oi, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

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