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Nuvolks Track Day June 2014 // Photo Coverage

All across the web I’ve encountered plenty of modification styles surrounding the Volkswagen communities. No doubt, these days a lot of the most popular builds out there are the aggressively fitted VWs. From aired out GTI’s to slammed big body Phaetons. These so called ‘people’s cars’ are undeniably gorgeous when lowered on a proper set of wheels. But what’s popular in Indonesia and the majority of South East Asian countries are slightly different from those in the Europe/US. Here on our land, the most popular mods are still the functional and performance oriented modifications. That’s why events such as these track days are more popular among the VW crowds over here, as opposed to car shows.

Last Wednesday, 25 June 2014, the HnP crew got invited to join the Nuvolks (watercooled Indonesia VW community) track day at Sentul. Plenty of Nuvolks members from Jakarta and Bandung joined that fullday exercise, bringing their turbocharged hatchbacks to the open circuit.

Around 7 in the morning participants started to arrive to register their rides. Followed by a briefing and a light morning breakfast. All to prepare both the drivers and vehicles before entering the track.

Right after breakfast, participants were taken into the circuit to follow the pace car’s track. So that the drivers can learn every angle of the corners, the racing lines, and to prepare themselves for the full-on hot laps later to be exercised that day.

Benny’s K04 GTI we’ve featured a while ago was also spotted on that day. Despite having an air suspension setup, his GTI is still highly capable of going fast around the track.

Despite being a Nuvolks trackyday, several non-VW friends were also present to spice things up. Among which are GT86, Porsche, Audi, Subaru, GT-R, 1M and MINI. Later that day these participants also got to compete with the VWs on the drag strip and the open hot laps.

The new MK7 GTI was also spotted that day, following the dealers’ newly arriving shipment of over 50 units. I’m liking the wheels a lot on this new hot hatch.

Lately Jakarta’s weather has been rather strange, we’ve been poured with rains day by day in this supposedly dry season. The participants were also faced with heavy rains nearing the evening, making the hot laps much more challenging.

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