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HnP Korea Contributor Introduction: Ryu Jang Heoun

As we’re expanding our reach to nearby Asian countries and beyond, we came into contact with Ryu Jang Heoun from South Korea. He’s a full-time professional automotive photographer, a founder to BimmerKorea Forum and also a contributor to several Korean automotive magazines. Initially introduced to HnP by Winston, Ryu quickly agreed on becoming an HnP contributor; and now he’s eagerly looking forward to introducing the Korean car culture to the rest of us Indonesians and the world.

An admiration for Ferrari’s. Having the opportunity to shoot highend cars and exotics on a daily basis, Ryu has successfully combined his love for everything automotive with his passion for photography. He’s also been dreaming of one day owning the classic Ferrari F355.

Meet the Prius, Ryu’s current daily method of transportation. It’s the perfect ride for him to carry all those photography gears efficiently. Ample room space combined with a wallet-friendly milage, what more could you ask for? Some even say it’s saving the planet at the same time.

Simple and clean. That’s how Ryu describes his photography style. Not going overly eager with the edits, Ryu likes to focus on cleaning his captures and balancing the tones instead.

From Ryu’s captures, I could tell that South Korea does have quite a large population of highend cars in town. Picutured above is a Hamann X6M. Wild and wide, it’s the most evil of crossover SUVs.

Apart from doing still photoshoots for magazines and private customers, Ryu has also been going to a lot of motorsport events.

I’ll be telling you more about Ryu and the South Korean car culture in his upcoming features!

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Photography by:
Ryu Jang Heoun
Facebook: Ryu Jang Heoun