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Permaisuri Thursday // Impreza WRX STI on Rays

Gaining popularity worldwide through its Volk Racing series of wheels, Rays has successfully marketed some of the greatest and most iconic one-piece forged wheel designs. From TE37 to CE28, its Volk series has become one of the most sought after and timeless pieces of engineering. Lightweight construction, outstanding forged strength and large variety of fitment options proved to be its success recipes. But these days they have also developed another popular series of wheels: the Gram Lights.

While Volk Racing series has solely been built upon forged-method of production, these Gram Lights have been produced with the casting-method. The lower costs of cast production contributes to the attractive pricing of these lightweight jewels. Perfectly suitable for daily drives while ultimately capable of withstanding track days, these wheels have attracted their own crowd of fans. Looking good while shaving some weight off those OEM wheels, all without breaking the bank, surely sounds like a great value proposition to potential buyers.

What I have today is a Subaru WRX STI on Gram Lights 57Extreme submitted by Permaisuri. With its one-piece lightweight construction and concave face design, the 57Extreme has surely complimented the look of this rally-bred sedan neatly.

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Mods Specs
Rays Gram Lights 57Extreme 19″x9.5
Toyo Proxes T1Sport 245/35

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil