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Magnific // Arifin’s M3 on BBS

Despite having already done hundreds of photo sessions over the years, we are still trying to reinvent ourselves with every article we posted. We strive on keeping things fresh, bringing new ideas onto the Indonesian automotive scene. Plenty of different places throughout Jakarta and surroundings have we visited; from hospital parking area, container yards, to a botanical garden. Yet this time we tried on something that’s even more unusual: no planned location. While usually we have the location set before the photo-session-day, this time we didn’t. It’s only a matter of waking up early (4AM!), meeting the M3, and taking it for a ride. Capturing its beauty on the streets of Jakarta.

4AM was an undoubtedly early time for a photo shoot. The sky hasn’t even hinted at the lights of the day. The streets were quiet and empty; the whole city has become one giant room in which we can hear the M3’s exhaust screams and roars echoing in all places.

What better spot is there to listen to the M3’s exhaust setup (Eisenmann Black Series with Premier Autowerkz X-Pipe) other than the SCBD tunnel. It’s like being put in a box together with a bear holding a fire cracker! Shivers all over! Oh and we also stopped for a while to take some captures in the middle of the tunnel.

As the sun peeked through Jakarta’s skyline, we headed our way to the highways. Taking the opportunity to put the pedal down to the floor, letting the exhaust and engine notes work in symphonies, propelling our way to triple-digit speeds in single-digit seconds.

Must-have quick capture of the day: the M3 in the middle of Jakarta’s highway at 5AM. Arifin the owner has surely done plenty of things right in this build. From Brembo GT brakes to the Vorsteiner front lip, the M3 has been installed with some of the finest aftermarket parts out there.

From highways we moved on to Kemang area. Putting the M3 under different lighting conditions proved to be an interesting approach. Since 4AM we’ve looked at the M3 as a sleek, black coupe. However, under the lights of Charles’s photo-setup, we can clearly see some blue sparkles residing on the surface. Some extraordinary paint finish by BMW.

Having previously owned an E90 325i and E92 330i, Arifin knows exactly how to treat his next beast, this E92 M3. Carbon fiber material has subtly took over the M3’s standard black roof, while Black Series Eisenmann exhaust took over the exhaust setup without looking way over-the-top, thanks to its black exhaust tips installed by Concept Motorsport.

At this point in time Arifin hasn’t tinkered with the engines compartment under the hood. However, he’s been eyeing for an ESS Supercharger kit to boost up the V8’s performance for the future.

Being the owner of Dilligas Clothing, Arifin asked our permission to invite his clothing-line model into the photo session. A definite first-time for us, so we simply let Charles work his ways into shifting our attention away from the M3 towards the lovely model. Enjoy the captures!

Modification Specs
BBS RI-D 19″x9-10
BBS bolts
Continental ContiSportContactâ„¢ 5
Brembo GT 6-pot 380mm front, 4-pot 380mm rear
KW Springs

Matte black grille
Matte black side markers
BMW ducktail
LCI tail lights
Vorsteiner Aero carbon fiber front lip
BMW Performance steering wheel
BMW carbon roof

Eisenmann Black Series Performance Exhaust
Premier Autowerkz X-Pipe

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Charles J
Mobile: +6287886807762