Minihrer43 01

Permaisuri Thursday // MINI Cooper S on HRE

Most people are lured into buying aftermarket wheels because of their good looks. Few others are more concerned towards the wheels’ strength and potential weight-savings. Adding wheels’ costs to those factors and we’d have a pretty good idea at the market’s preference for wheels. At this current moment, I believe, Indonesia is still having a large market share of “good looks only” buyers, hence the popularity of replica wheels over here. Sold at less than half the price of original wheels, buyers sometimes don’t even realize that the quality of these reps could be inferior to those of the OEMs.

Good thing these days I’m seeing more and more people are believing in the “stay original” approach. Buying real wheels for real good looks with real performance. HRE, for one, is one of the best in the industry. With wheels ranging from Luxury selections to Motorsports solutions, the decades-old company has the right set of wheels for every customers’ demands. Today’s set of wheels, in particular, belongs to the Motorsport Collection. Built for the racetracks, these R43’s feature added physical strengths and optimized lightweight constructions for even the harshest environments.

Lowered on KW springs, these R43’s have been custom ordered both in terms of dimension and finishing to suit the Cooper S’ race-inspired liveries and color scheme.

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Mods Specs
HRE R43 18″x8.5
Toyo Proxes 4 205/40
KW Suspension

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil