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Permaisuri Thursday // F30 3 Series on DPE

Through the current gen of F30 3 Series, BMW has proven itself as the expert in designing sporty compact sedans. Which is actually not an easy task either, especially considering the fact that the F30 is larger in all aspects than the E90. How can you make a four-door sedan that’s longer than its predecessor look sportier than ever? Perhaps it’s all in the fascia and body lines design. While Merc is going for the luxury look with the C Class and Audi is still making its own sci-fi movie with the A4, BMW has managed to attract the stylish buyers with its sleek F30 platform.

What I have today is a sent-in from Permaisuri of their latest creation. An F30 fitted with 3D Design front lip and a set of drool-worthy DPE CSR05’s. Often found fitted under high performance luxury sedans and coupes, these wheels have combined deep lips + concave design without going over-the-top with a “look at me” status. “Just nice and ultimately refined,” I’d say.

Check out Permaisuri for their latest stocks of automotive jewels: Permaisuri

Modification Specs
3D Design front lip
M Tech side skirt
DPE CSR05 20″x8.5-10
Toyo T1R 245/30 285/35

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)