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GENESIS Car Show and Gath // hawk’n’poke X Hellaflush // Part 2

Well, it’s time for GENESIS Part 2 coverage! There are so many pictures in our folders that we may as well post up to Part 10. Haha. Go ahead and check Part 1 article if you haven’t. Also do check out Hellaflush’s GENESIS post. Oh and the GENESIS event was also covered on the 8-11 Metro TV headline news programme this morning!

Let me continue on with the GENESIS background story I shared from the part 1 article. Once we had the event location set at Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera, we immediately started writing up proposals to gather sponsors and partners that might be interested in supporting our event plan. Sponsors who shared our same passion for automotive breakthroughs, sponsors who are supportive towards our local modification scene. That turned out to be not an easy task. Our team was determined to run the event with our own savings even if couldn’t find any sponsors. Savings which we could have used to buy parts for our beloved rides instead. Haha. We were determined to bring Hellaflush here to Indonesia. We were determined to create a refreshing splash of creativity in the Indonesian automotive scene. We had absolutely 0 clue on how to run an event at that time, but we are determined to give 100%, if not 110%, of our efforts to make it happen. Lucky for us, quite a few sponsors (TOP 1 Oil Indonesia, KW Suspensions Indonesia and Venom Audio) were interested and willing to support the GENESIS event. They’ve put their trust in us even when other potential sponsors were showing huge question marks over their head (first-event-syndrome). Apart from sponsors, we also managed to team up with Metro TV, Majalah MOTOR, Tabloid Otomotif and Autozone as GENESIS media partners. We’d like to express our largest, sincerest thanks to these sponsors and partners!

Actually despite the sponsors we had, the event was still run over the budget. Overbudgeting to make things great! “Screw the budget, let everyone have a blast on the day instead,” I remembered saying.

I’ll continue with the background story later in Part 3 article! Enjoy these pics in the meantime.

The VIP guest parking area was filled with antique, rare, exotic and also performance cars.

Diwan’s Z3. Most-hella Z3 in the whole Jakarta and surrounding area perhaps? Quite possibly!

We’ve featured this R8 before. It’s been fitted with PPI Razor bodykit, Vorsteiner wheels and KW HLS suspension. I’m pretty sure these mods alone costed more than a brand new Scirocco.

M Owners Club Indonesia members also took part in our VIP guests gathering.

We lined up BMW’s across all generations in the same Car Show area.

C63 AMG Black Series found in the SpeedCreed VIP parking area.

Speed Architech crew and their highend modifieds.

Quite a few modified GT86’s participated in the show. This one was wearing ADV.1 wheels.

Piponk’s Odyssey. Definitely among my personal favorites on the show. I think he purposely bought these SSR’s to be shown off at the GENESIS show. Great choice of wheels!

Richard’s Lexus. He had this long distance relationship between him and his beloved ride. He lives in Palembang and the Lexus have to stay in Jakarta.

The more I see these old Bimmers the more I fall for them. The stance that these owners have pulled off are absolutely flawless.

Quite possibly one of the nicest Lexus IS in town.

A very well built Subaru from Simple Qommunity. Those front lips sit so close from the ground.

I’ll post up the Part 3 as soon as the pictures are ready! Don’t worry if your ride hasn’t been posted. I’m sure they will be worth the wait!

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