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GENESIS Car Show and Gath // hawk’n’poke X Hellaflush // Part 1

To say our team was not exhausted would be a lie.
To say we’re not impressed by the quality of cars would not be true.
To say we’re satisfied would not 100% be correct.
It’s tiring, it’s exciting, it’s refreshing, it’s memorable, yet it’s very very far from perfect.
It’s GENESIS – it’s the beginning.

Mid of 2012 hawk’n’poke team came up with the idea of organizing one ‘fresh’ automotive event that has never been done in Indonesia before. Contest? Show? Drift? Trackday? Meetup? We finally decided with the idea of Show and Gathering. We wanted it to be different from the usual indoor and trophy-oriented contests usually held in Indonesia. We decided it is time to hold a Show event, whereby only invited cars can participate in the show, and all are treated equally as winners. It should be the first. It should be memorable. It should be the benchmark to which our future events will be compared to. It should be remembered as the beginning. This why we are calling it the GENESIS.

Our initial plan was to hold a 50-car Show event, curating best of the bests from Jakarta and the surrounding area. We did not want to focus on quantity, opting for quality instead. However, during our planning, we met a local Hellaflush contributor: Erin. We offered him to do a collaborated event between hawk’n’poke and Hellaflush for the show. He agreed and contacted Hellaflush HQ (Mark and Felix) for their permissions. Mark and Felix agreed; the event planning went on, and they requested specifically to have around 100 cars for the show. We agreed and on top of that they also requested to have a Top 10 Hellaflush award ceremony, with cars specifically chosen by them and be given special Hellaflush merchandises. Thus, we forwarded all show participants’ cars to their emails and have them pick the 10 best Hellaflush.

With our aim to have a great outdoor venue for the Show and Gath, we settled for Flavor Bliss. It provides easy access for lowered cars, the area is filled with plenty of foods and cafes, and the outdoor parking can accomodate more than 700 cars. It’s perfect!

I’ll continue on with this story later in our Part 2 coverage. Meanwhile do enjoy these quickly edited pics from Eric Tanzil.

We’d also like to thank GENESIS sponsors TOP 1 Oil Indonesia, KW Suspensions Indonesia and Venom Audio for supporting this memorable event. Our thanks also goes to Metro TV, Majalah MOTOR, Autozone and Tabloid Otomotif which have been actively supporting us as media partners. We wish the best of luck and success to our booth partners CarSpa, Original Finch, Elika, Autovision, Supremo, Vertue, Topcars, Somagede and Inspire! Last and of upmost importance we’d like to express our gratitude for all GENESIS Car Show participants, Gathering participants and VIP guests! And of course, I would also like to personally thank all the hawk’n’poke team (Charles, Winston, Eric, Mex, Dea, Alwafi, Darmawan and their girlfriends + girlfriends’ friends! Haha), GENESIS team (Victor, Glenn and all the creative and production crews), Hellaflush team (Erin, Mark, Felix, Michelle), and all others whom I may have missed that have supported the event!

Enjoy Eric Tanzil’s coverage! More pictures coming soon in Part 2!

Abdee Faishal is his name and this is Jazz sitting on a set of CCW wheels that arrived only few days before the event. He came with that element of surprise!

All I know is he registered this car into the show under the name Mr. Batman, and the license plates say B 377 MAN.

Several members of Simple Qommunity. Lucky for them, all three went home with lucky draw prizes. Two Rp 5,000,000 KW gift vouchers and one Rp 1,000,000 Venom gift voucher!

I love how Nagib has treated his Civic. Subtle and on point. Dean’s Mazda 2 next to it also looked good with the famous rusty fenders. He travelled all the way from Bandung for the event!

Different kinds of fitment can be seen across the participants’ cars. From tucked in, meaty, to fender-on-wheels actions!

Classic wheels to classic cars. All participated in GENESIS car show.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, British or American. As long as it’s clean and proper it deserves to be shown off at GENESIS. No word is enough to express my appreciation for Piponk’s Odyssey. If I were to drive one, this is how I’ll roll.

Another personal favorite. This Accord came with red BBS wheels during the Plaza Senayan registration meet. I’m liking this new color combo much more.

Bonny’s E36 cabrio on CCW. As hot as red chilis.

MOCI came as one of our VIP guests. Thanks to Ko Sonny and all MOCI members!

Franky’s Stream RSZ. Another personal favorite. Next to it is Budiana’s supercharged Shelby GT500.

Bakajin’s famous R34. Those hand polished TE37’s should be the one and only in Indonesia. In the background is Octa’s E46. So bright and clean that not a spot of water was left puddling on top of that car despite the rain.

Hey it’s Mr Batman again.

E36 on AC Schnitzer combo never gets old. A classic.

My wheels arrived just couple of days before the event. Mounted with Achilles (yes, I love Indonesia) and lowered with KW Clubsport coilovers.

We divided the show area into several sectors. Stance/Hellaflush, highends, and performance. These are the highends.

Hellaflush chose Edbert’s Odyssey as the best Hellaflush on the show.

These are some of the other Hellaflush chosen cars! While Hellaflush might’ve chosen them as winners, GENESIS team actually chose all 100 participants as winners! All went home with GENESIS memorabilia, GENESIS stickers and exclusive GENESIS license plates!

More pictures are coming soon! It’s not easy to edit these pictures and write this article while recovering from sleep deprivation! Haha. In the mean time, check out our instagram page for fans submitted GENESIS coverage: #hawknpoke.

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