Ct200h 02

Show Off // Lexus CT 200h on HRE

When first introduced, hybrid cars were very much thought by petrolheads as being undoubtedly boring. They would say that hybrids were simply intended to fulfill the passion of electrical engineering nerds while completing the checklist of eccentric environmentalists. Apparently, in a way, they were quite true. The first batch of hybrid cars produced seemed to have been designed by geeks as a mean to carry people from point A to B with as little fuel as possible. That’s all. Bye bye nifty designs, lively performance, and luxury. Those were never a part of the equation. However, it is now 2012 and things have greatly changed.

In these recent years, manufacturers have perfected their hybrid engines and moved on to focus on either the performance, sportiness, or luxury sectors of hybrid cars. The world now has the Fisker Karma 403HP hybrid, the sporty Honda CRZ, and also this CT 200h, Lexus’s take on the luxurious hybrid market.

Having a unique hybrid luxury hatchback at its front door, Permaisuri suggested the owner a set of 3-piece HRE 560R. The match couldn’t have been better. The wheel diameter was sized just right for the car to have the sporty look without losing its affluent shape.

Modification Specs

HRE 560R 19″ 5×100
Toyo Proxes tires